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Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 19 Review


Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.

Maya Angelo


It’s out! We’re done with the secret! Thanks be to heaven!! And it only took five episodes.

The main focus of the episode was on trust. Serkan rightly says that Eda has always trusted him, even when no one else did, and it’s just another reason why he loves her so much. And he really does madly love her, he says it a few times this week and admits that he has loved her from the very beginning. He also is at the end of his rope and can no longer pretend that work is more important than Eda, she is absolutely the most important thing to him. 

Serkan spent a lot of time chasing down Eda to finally come clean about her parents and why he broke up with her. She is avoiding him and it’s hard to blame her for that, she’s at her wit's end with him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the opportunity to actually tell her as Selin manages to steal that from him. And on that note, I’m now completely done with her character. 

I felt really bad for both Serkan and Eda this week and it’s so unfair that they have this huge burden to overcome to be able to be together. 

What I loved

Serkan and Eda

Eda has decided that she’s had enough and if he going to act like living with Selin was not a big deal and deny that he’s jealous of her, she is going to get out and create a new life for herself without him. He asks her not to do it but she tells him ‘what did you think, I would sit at home and think about you for the rest of my life?’. He of course is freaked out about the idea of losing her to someone else. Had he not considered that if he insisted they can’t be together she might date someone else? 

They have parallel conversations, Serkan with Engin and Eda with the girls. It was so enlightening that they are actually completely in sync with what they think, Serkan knows that she is mad at him and he’s right, he thinks that she wouldn’t date anyone else and Eda says that she doesn’t want to date anyone else.

In a voiceover, we hear that he can’t stand the idea of someone getting to touch her, having her smile at someone else, be with someone else. He knows that it is selfish but he wants her to only ever be his. She also says in a voiceover that she can’t imagine being with anyone else, and that Serkan has her body and soul.

Serkan pulling the crusts off Eda’s bread was so sweet and unexpected. You can see the shock on her face when he places it on her plate, and he seems shocked himself that he did it. The conversation in the stables was a not-so-subtle conversation about the two of them and their love. He tries to ask her if she’s going to see other people but she doesn’t want to talk about that. This is going to be the running theme of the episode, he wants to talk and she doesn’t.

Serkan tries throughout the day to talk to Eda but she is tired of trying to understand him and give him the benefit of the doubt. Her nerves are frayed, but they do have one good exchange where he says that she doesn’t hate him because she can’t hate anyone but she tells him she can’t hate him because she understands him.


We always see our worst selves. Our most vulnerable selves. We need someone else to get close enough to tell us we’re wrong. Someone we trust. 

David Levithan


Is ‘burn the flowers’ the new ‘drain the pool’? Ha! Serkan wants to talk but Eda doesn’t. The scene where he’s dragging her around in her chair was very funny and more funny was him getting her to sit back down so he could push her back to her desk. This and Aydan dancing around Alptekin’s clothes burning are tied for funniest scenes this week. 

Serkan comes to Eda’s house after the society luncheon where she won’t talk to him and Eda and Melo pretend and make it seem like Eda is out at a club. Serkan of course knows she isn’t and plays along, and confesses to her when she makes it seem like she can’t hear him because the music is too loud.

Drunk Serkan was a gift and Kerem was hilarious. He gets drunk, Selin tries to get him to talk about what’s bothering him but he tells her that he doesn’t need her, he wants Eda. I don’t know how many times it’s going to take for her to get the message. When Eda arrives, he’s all smiley and tells her that her smile is beautiful. In a great bit of physical comedy from Kerem Bürsin, Eda has to practical carry Serkan as he trips up the stairs to his room. She takes him into the shower to sober him up and we witness a short scene of them nose to nose as the water drips down and Gold plays.


In the morning, they have a bit of a misunderstanding when Serkan says he regrets drunk-dialling her. What he actually meant to say was he regretted calling her whilst being drunk. Eda is mad and has had enough, resulting in breaking things and yelling at him to finally tell her what the hell is really going on with him. He is about to tell her everything when Selin barges in and demands that Serkan explain to her because she knows everything now about Eda’s parent's death. Ufff, Selin, ufff!!


Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we are not alone. 

Fred Rogers


Aydan and Eda

I am over the moon happy about the newfound love and respect Aydan now has for Eda and this relationship has gone a long way to redeem the character of Aydan for me. Aydan sees just how great Eda is and how good she is for Serkan. She tells her the story about why she developed agoraphobia and it’s as we expected due to the death of Serkan’s brother. We finally get a name for him, Alp, and after he died Aydan couldn’t leave the house.

They also have a charity luncheon with some society ladies and it’s as bad as Eda fears but she is more than a match for them and Aydan sticks up for her too. She also tells Eda that she is the daughter-in-law that she wants. 


Engin and Serkan 

Engin continues to be a great friend and sounding board for Serkan. He’s mad as hell at Efe for tarnishing Serkan and the company’s reputation and is all in for Serkan’s plan to get Efe to leave Art/Life. He’s also there to provide an ear and some advice to Serkan about Eda. This is the Engin I love, not the one who is such a doofus with Piril.

Serkan talks to Engin about how he can’t stand the thought of Eda being with someone else and Engin asks what he’s going to do to stop it. Serkan tells him that he needs to improve his relationship with Eda. Serkan decides to tell her the truth. He’s hopeful because she believed in him about the roof collapse. Engin says that if she can accept this, then their love will survive, and if she can’,t then it’s truly over. Serkan wants to talk to Eda right away!


What I liked

After Efe confesses to being the one to make a ‘mistake,’ Serkan first insists that he apologize to the team at Art/Life and then he browbeat Efe into making a press statement that he was responsible for the roof collapse and not Serkan. What Efe didn’t realize was that the news would get released in Europe as well where Efe is much better known.

The kizlar decide to cook up an imaginary admirer for Eda to torture Serkan a bit. This was a nice bit of comedy and gave us some good scenes but really didn’t help move the story along and the screen time could have been better spent on Eda and Serkan actually talking. I did like Ceren explaining to Ferit why all the girls have breakfast with Ayfer every morning, how they each aren't close with their own families so they have created a family.

Ferit and Ceren have a date and an almost kiss and then he puts his foot in it big time. I do appreciate that his character is honest but he has no brain to mouth filter and ends up telling her not only isn’t he over Selin yet, which is a fair and honest thing to say, but also that he only started seeing Ceren to make Selin jealous. While this is also honest, it’s also a bit cruel and he may have lost any chance he had with Ceren and has hurt her in the process. I’m sure this wasn’t his goal but that might be the end of that relationship.

Erdem buys rings and talks Leyla into pretending to be engaged to him. This is cute and I like both characters. However, I would like there to be some resolution to this story. Either he and Fifi are going to date or she needs to definitively tell him it’s never going to happen. It is enough now. 

Is Ayfer going to be a catering chef now that she is a social media hit or what was that all about? I did love the way she couldn’t say ‘Influencer’. Ayfer teases Eda that she won’t talk to her now because she has so few Instagram followers. Was this a little wink at Hande for having literally millions of Instagram followers?


What I disliked


First of all, when she has so many other options, she should not be staying with Serkan. But she is willing to try anything to get close to him again. he comes home and she asks if he wants to watch a movie, she waits up for him by sleeping on the couch in the living room. Selin has for some reason not absorbed the idea that she can’t have Serkan back. It’s like she has never not gotten what she wants in her whole life and can’t now fathom that this isn’t going to work out in her favour. The temper tantrum she throws when she gets back to her own house shows her frustration but she should not have hope for a reconciliation with Serkan in the first place. She is a beautiful, rich, and successful woman who has gotten everything she wants except Serkan’s love and it’s beyond comprehending for her. I’m not sure what it’s going to take for her to finally come to this realization, but I need it to happen soon. I don’t love what they’ve done with this character and she gives me second-hand embarrassment, how many more times is she going to run after him?

Secondly, her nose is all out of joint because Serkan doesn’t tell her what going on with the issue of the holding company and the meeting with Emre’s lawyers. Now, I give it to her that she is a shareholder but she continues to act as if she is Serkan’s confidant and his closest friend when he doesn’t even see her that way. This also leads her to storm into his house at the end and blurt out the secret about Eda’s parents. She can’t or won’t accept that she isn’t really that close to Serkan and isn’t as important as she thinks she is.



Baba Bolat continues to disappoint. He comes to the office to lie to some lawyers about his involvement in the collapse of the wall that killed Eda’s parents so that the holding gets the big sports complex project from Emre. He’s very good at lying and they win the contract. Serkan is disgusted with him and their relationship is as strained as ever.



So, in not so shocking news: it is Eda’s grandmother who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes. Efe records Serkan and Alptekin talking where Serkan takes his father to task for lying to Emre’s lawyers and calls her to tell her that it’s for sure Alptekin who is responsible for the death of her son. In an interesting twist, we heard him trying to comfort her over the phone as it seems like she is upset. Could he actually be a relative of Babanne and Eda? It makes the most sense and would be the most logical reason for him to agree to do this for the grandmother. I hope they have something interesting planned for her arrival and as Efe is leaving in a couple of episodes. I also hope it’s a logical conclusion to his arc. 


What needs to happen next

  • So I got a few of my longstanding wishes this episode, we got to know a bit more about what happened with Serkan’s brother and we also know for certain it’s Eda’s grandmother who is Efe’s partner 
  • Eda and Serkan need to have a calm talk about the past
  • Alptekin needs to stop being a conniving coward and own up to the past and take the blame off his son’s shoulders



After all, damn it, what does being in love mean if you can't trust a person. 

Evelyn Waugh
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