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Sen Çal Kapimi Episode 17 Review



A tragedy is a tragedy, and at the bottom, all tragedies are stupid. Give me a choice and I'll take A Midsummer Night's Dream over Hamlet every time. Any fool with steady hands and a working set of lungs can build up a house of cards and then blow it down, but it takes a genius to make people laugh.

-Stephen King


Well, we are back!!

An amazingly funny but also poignant instalment of Sen Çal Kapimi this week. Things are always better on the show when Serkan and Eda spend a lot of time together and this week we were treated to some hilarious scenes between them. Shout out to Kerem Bürsin for truly bringing the comedy, his facial expressions alone had me howling at various points in the episode. Coupled with some great comedic dialogue and actors who have excellent comedic timing, it made for a more enjoyable show than the last few.

We also got some movement on the conflict in their relationship, although maybe not as much as we might have wanted. 

The last scene for me laid out what the growth between them is going to be. Eda, without any proof, stated that she wholeheartedly believed that Serkan was not capable of making this mistake resulting in the collapse at the house. She believes in him and his talent. This is the kind of unwavering support that Serkan needs right now but it calls back to episode 8 when he didn’t believe in her right away. This is the dynamic in their relationship, she believes and trusts and he doesn’t. However he is learning, and after they find out and fix this problem together he is going to see that their relationship is still possible because of Eda’s big heart and ability to forgive.


What I loved

Let talk about the comedy first. Serkan, through a series of coincidences, comes to think that Eda might possibly be pregnant. Meanwhile, the mothers (I’m including Ayfer) are freaking out again because Serkan and Eda are looking after a baby together and they don’t understand what is going on. I actually really like these shared mini-freakout moments that Ayfer and Aydan have, the two actresses are really fun together. 


People are nauseated for all kinds of reasons Eda, including Ebola.

-Serkan Bolat

Serkan mistakes Eda’s stomach bug and their client Asli’s pregnancy for Eda being pregnant and panics at the thought that they are going to be parents at this stage of their non-relationship. Serkan’s face journey after overhearing Eda and Asli talking and seeing the pregnancy test in the trash in the bathroom alone was comedic gold. Coupled with actually having to look after a baby is making him short-circuit a bit. 

He in no way wants to take care of Mini Serkan but it was very cute when he’s forced to and Eda just tells him to keep the baby occupied while she gets his food ready so he starts to tell him the history of architecture. To his credit, Mini Serkan does seem interested. Eda and Serkan babysitting was so fun if only for how annoyed it made Serkan. He even is slightly jealous of the baby saying ‘you are the luckiest Serkan because you spent the day in Eda Yildiz’s arms’. 


Thanks to me he now knows more about architecture than Erdem does.

-Serkan Bolat


He calls Engin to get him to come to the house because he needs to talk to someone. Engin’s resigned ‘right, another crisis’, was great. Serkan tells Engin that he thinks that Eda might be pregnant and Engin is overjoyed at the thought of being an uncle but remarks that he hopes the kid won't have Serkan's personality. Serkan reminds him that he and Eda are not together. 


Serkan’s final realization that Eda isn’t pregnant was also another example of Kerem’s ability to play for laughs without chewing the scenery. I loved Eda jabbing him to get him to shut up and not embarrass them anymore. 

Eda is mad at Serkan after hearing Aydan tell him that maybe he should tell Eda the real reason they broke up. Aydan tries to tell her that it’s because Serkan finally listened to Aydan that they were not suitable for each other. Eda doesn’t buy this reason and is angry at Serkan for not telling her what is going on. They are going to be dragging this secret out for a while I think, maybe until babanne actually shows up. Which is understandable from a story writing point as if Eda knows, they will have lost the conflict between her and Serkan. But from an audience's point of view, it’s getting frustrating. 

I loved Eda boxing with Fifi, she’s taking her frustrations about Serkan out in a healthy way and the parallel boxing scenes were very fun. 

Eda and Serkan are working and he helps her with her drawing for the garden of the house. They work well together and seem to understand each other instantly when it comes to the work that they both love. He’s stealing glances at her stomach throughout as if he could see inside her uterus. It’s stupid and sweet at the same time. He tries in a roundabout way to ask her if there’s anything she wants to tell him and she replies that they is so much that she wants to tell him but she doesn’t have time. He tries again and asks if there is just one thing she wants to tell him then, but she says no. She tells him that she knows that her giving nature annoys him sometimes but she isn’t going to change and that she loved him regardless of the things in his nature that she didn’t like and she doesn’t expect him to change. She tells him that she gave him her heart. He tells her that he didn’t mean to hurt her and she says then he needs to stop and just leave her alone. 

The final scene between the two of them was so wonderful. Serkan is losing it, because of the collapse at the house he may lose his reputation and his business. He’s kicking things and breaking things and no one else will go near him except for Eda. Even though he tells her to leave, she won’t leave him alone. She tells him that she knows that he didn’t make this mistake, she believes in him and his talent and it isn’t possible for him to have made such a basic mistake. Serkan tells her that he did or it seems like that’s the only possibility but, without any proof, she tells him that she knows he didn’t do it. This harkens back to episode 8 when Serkan accused her of selling his design to Kaan, she asked him to believe in her when the circumstances made it look like she was guilty but he couldn’t do that for her. Here she’s doing it for him, because this is what her heart tells her is right, she believes him even when circumstances make it look like he’s guilty. This is Eda’s superpower, an ability to believe or see the good when it appears that things are bad. It’s this ability that will ultimately allow her to see past the event with her parents to be able to continue to love Serkan. 


What I liked

There was some movement on a possible relationship between Ceren and Ferit. I am still so surprised at how much I have come to like Ferit. He is a genuinely nice man and he and Ceren have good chemistry. Yes, he was friends with Kaan but that was before he knew that Kaan was a bad guy and he hasn’t done anything to try and hurt Serkan or the company intentionally. However, bringing Efe into the holding is not going to endear him to Serkan, especially after Efe’s plans are brought to light. I just hope that no one blames Ferit for that. I liked Ferit and Ceren both sticking up for themselves against Selin, who is acting liked a spoiled brat more and more.

Aydan seems to be team Eda again, for now. She realizes just how much Eda is willing to do for her and what a truly good person she is. I’m hoping this Aydan personality sticks and we’ve seen the last of the Aydan who doesn’t think Eda is good enough for her son. Aydan and Ayfer were freaking out together again but both recognized that Serkan and Eda look good together. The virtual reality tour of London was very sweet and a great idea on Eda's part. I like that they are developing a relationship between Aydan and Eda that is separate from Serkan. 


What I didn’t like


Sigh, I had hopes that they would have something more interesting planned for this character but no, he’s the bad guy in the story now. 

Efe is talking on the phone, to his secret investor one imagines, and tell them that ‘I will teach him a lesson so that he trusts me’. This doesn’t make sense with having the house collapse and having the blame fall on Serkan but we will have to see how this plays out. 

Efe has a conversation with Selin about how Serkan’s attitude towards him is pissing him off and Efe makes vague threats about making Serkan sorry about the way he has treated him. Selin says ‘should I be worried?’ and Efe says it’s just business. Now, if someone is threatening the man you claim you love even more than you love yourself, don’t you think you might warn them? Selin just takes this all in stride and drinks her coffee and doesn’t let Serkan know what Efe has said. Ufff. More on Selin later.

Efe somehow messed with Serkan drawings/blueprints and this has led to a structural problem in the house of Emre and Asli that Art/Life was renovating. This is where Efe has moved into psychopath territory. This is his friend’s house where his friend lives with his wife and child and you are going to cause the roof to collapse? Even if it was a bigger collapse than he was intending, this is an old house you don’t know what domino effect you could set off and any architect or engineer would know that. He said to the mystery person on the phone that he was just trying to teach Serkan a lesson and the collapse was bigger than he intended so did he not mean for Emre and Asli to sue Art/Life? Was he just trying to embarrass Serkan with a small mistake or was he out to ruin his reputation all together? Regardless, he’s now definitely our story’s antagonist and it’s going to be up to Eda and Serkan to figure this out and defeat him. 


Selin is becoming so hard to take. Honestly, she really needs to get her head out of her butt and figure out a) how to stop blaming everyone else for her problems and b) how to be a better person. She’s snotty to Ceren again and says she’s tired of seeing Ceren and Eda everywhere she goes. I’ve used up the very small amount of sympathy I had for this character.

Ceren lets Eda know what Selin said to Serkan on the balcony at Art/Life about how much she still loves Serkan. This causes Eda to flashback to the photos of Selin and Serkan that Selin had laid out at her house. I’m wondering if we are not yet done with the Selin and Serkan story and if she might not try and make another play for him. 


Piril and Engin

The writers’ intent for this couple continues to baffle me. This week Piril is mad because the assistant of Emre is blatantly flirting with Engin, which isn’t his fault but it makes Piril crazy and she takes it out on Engin. This has been the dynamic for their whole relationship so far, he does something she doesn’t like and she gets annoyed or angry. How is this something the writers think we want to see every week? They had one very brief cute scene at the beginning of the episode and then they were fighting for the rest of the time. The only good part was Serkan and Ferit snickering about how clueless and flustered Engin was with the assistant continuing to flirt with Engin at the party. It is quickly becoming a one-note play from these two characters: Engin is dumb and Piril gets mad, rinse and repeat.


What needs to happen next


  • We need to find out for sure who Efe’s mysterious backer is, I’m 95% sure it’s Eda’s grandmother but I have small hope for someone surprising 
  • Erdem needs to be nicer to Leyla, this poor woman has enough anxiety from working for Serkan Bolat, she doesn’t need you to keep teasing her about losing her job
  • Selin needs to grow up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her
  • I would like the secret of Eda’s parent’s death to come out sooner rather than later but I have a feeling that plot point is going to be put on the back burner while she and Serkan deal with the possible ruin of his reputation and company
  • Efe needs to be found out and soon and face the wrath of Serkan and Eda


All in all a great episode and one of the funniest we’ve had so far. Definitely in my top three favourite episodes. I appreciate the writers showing us just how well Eda and Serkan fit together and that they each fill in the gaps of the other. Their love and respect for each other is still there, Serkan just needs to be convinced that Eda will continue to love him just as much as she does now after she learns about what Alptekin did all those years ago. 

Kudos again to Kerem Bürsin for having great comedy chops and an excellent and expressive face.

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