Alev Alev: Season 1, Episode 16 Review

Jemre faces more obstacles as she tries to obtain custody of Gunesh and Iskender makes a drastic decision that affects several people especially Çelebi.

Alev Alev: Season 1, Episode 17 Review

Çelebi begins retaliating against everyone who helps Jemre after he loses custody of Gunesh and Jemre suffers another attack.

Alev Alev: Season 1 Episode 18 Review

Çelebi's wrath against Cemre and everyone around her continues forcing Cemre to make a difficult decision.

Alev Alev: Season 1, Episode 19 Review

Cemre faces difficulties after moving back with Çelebi, Çiçek suffers a tough break-up and Ruya begins to have doubts about her relationship.

Alev Alev: Season 1, Episode 20 Review

Çiçek races to get Atlas back from Bulant, Rüya continues to have relationship problems and Cemre makes a heartbreaking decision.