Alev Alev: Season 1, Episode 20 Review

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Cemre makes a deal with Çelebi for some time before they start sharing a room together using the excuse that she needs to get accustomed to living with him again.  Çelebi agrees to give her time but warns her that he doesn’t want to wait long. 

The following morning, Cemre informs Çelebi she’s done fighting him for fear of ending up like his ex-girlfriend, but Çelebi is suspicious of her sudden change.  Although he agrees to allow her to go in and out of the house, he requires her to keep her new phone with her at all times because it’s programmed with a listening device so he can hear everything she says and to whom. 

Cemre visits Tomris in jail to see how she’s doing, however, Tomris is more worried about her living with Çelebi again.  As Cemre updates her on the recent events and her constant fear of Çelebi becoming violent, Tomris gives her names of drugs with a calming effect so he won’t have the energy to hurt her if he were to become angry.  She warns her to be careful with the dosage otherwise it could have a negative effect on him which will make him realize that she’s drugging him.  Later, Rüya visits Cemre to see how she’s doing.  She assures her she’s fine but once they get the opportunity to talk in private, Cemre asks Rüya to purchase additional drugs for her that Tomris suggested keeping Çelebi in control.  

The next day, Cemre arrives home to find Gunesh waiting for her with a secret note from Ozan who tells her he received her message and won’t attempt to see her again but asks for her help.  He informs her they have information that Çelebi and his partner, Dursun Yaman, will be attempting to smuggle another shipment but want her to find information about their plans to catch him.  He tells her he’ll wait for her at the same place every day until she comes to see him.  Cemre takes the opportunity to check Çelebi's office while he’s away but is unsuccessful. 

Later that evening, Çelebi has a guest for dinner, Dursun Yaman, so Cemre pretends to be the perfect wife while trying to get information from them.  While she’s getting coffee, she overhears them talking about their next illegal shipment of artifacts with a Russian buyer that they plan on meeting on Thursday, which is the same day as the delivery.

The following morning, Çelebi drops off Cemre at his campaign office and as soon she gets the opportunity, she leaves her phone in his office and escapes to meet with Ozan.  After Çelebi calls her several times with no answer, he tells his security to check on her.  One of the security guards sees her get into a taxi so he follows her until Çelebi arrives.  Cemre rushes to meet with Ozan and informs him of the information she overheard regarding Çelebi's next deal.  She also tells him they can no longer see each other or receive his notes for fear that Çelebi will see them and hurt or kill him.  Ozan says he doesn’t care and isn’t afraid, but Cemre insists that he stay away from her.  She tells him she won’t be able to continue living if something happens to him because she loves him.  Cemre tells Ozan she has to leave but before she does, she kisses Ozan not knowing that Çelebi is there watching them.


As Rüya watches Ömer beat Serkan’s friends, she begins to wonder if she really knows him since she’s never seen him act so violent before.  At the hospital, Ömer attempts to explain what happened, but Rüya refuses to listen.  She tells him there is no reason that constitutes him to be so violent, but Ömer tells her his actions were justified because of what Serkan’s friends said and admits that he would do it again.  At the same time, Serkan convinces his friends not to press charges against Ömer after finding out what they were saying about Rüya and tells them if he had heard them, he would have done the same thing.  Later, Serkan informs Rüya his friends won’t be filing a police report against Ömer who has left the hospital after their argument.  She expresses her concerns about Ömer stating she’s worried he may want to harm her the next time he becomes violent after seeing what Cemre has gone through with Çelebi. 

Later, Ömer and Rüya finally get a chance to speak in private and bring up the issues they’re currently experiencing with each other.  Ömer accuses Rüya of realizing that he doesn’t fit in her world because of who and how he is.  Rüya, on the other hand, accuses Ömer of wanting to get back with Zeynep since she was his first love.  They each deny their accusations until Rüya finally tells Ömer she’s leaving.

The following day, while Rüya is at work, Serkan stops at her office to bring her coffee and lunch.  As they enjoy their break, Ömer stops by and sees how Rüya doesn’t seem to be worried about him and instead is laughing with Serkan.  Rüya notices him but Ömer tells her to go back to her conversation and leaves abruptly.  Rüya follows him outside where Ömer tells her he’s been worried about her but claims she’s not missing him as much as he is since she has Serkan to keep her company and leaves. 

Later, Ozan accompanies Ömer while he gets drunk and when Ozan tries to make him go home, Ömer refuses.  After Ozan leaves, Zeynep arrives at the same place and notices Ömer drinking alone so she joins him.  She talks about their past and admits she never got over him and continues to be in love, but Ömer tells her he’s in love with Rüya.  After they leave, Ömer walks Zeynep home who steals a kiss from him which is witnessed by Rüya.  After Ömer notices her, he attempts to explain to Rüya what happened, but she refuses to listen to him again and leaves.

The following day, Rüya finds Ömer at Çiçek's house waiting for her to talk, however, Rüya still doesn’t want to listen to him.  Ömer confesses she’s the only thing he’s been thinking about and asks her to marry him.   


After Bulant forces himself into Tomris’ house, he tells Çiçek he’s there to take Atlas, so she informs him that Tomris has given her ownership of everything, so he won’t be able to take anything from Atlas.  Bulant is about to leave without Atlas until he sees a photo of Çiçek and Atlas and realizes how attached they’ve become, so he returns and tells Çiçek he changed his mind and takes Atlas.  As Bulant forces Atlas into his car, Çiçek pleads with him but Bulant tells her she can have Atlas for the right price.  Çiçek calls Iskender, who shows up immediately, and fills him in on Bulant’s demand for $20 million in exchange for Atlas.  When Çiçek tells him, she has to get the money, Iskender warns her that Bulant will continue to extort money from her if she gives in to his demands.  Iskender suggests he can take care of him, but Çiçek doesn’t let him.     

The following day, Çiçek meets with their lawyers who tell her they don’t have the money she needs unless she sells stocks Tomris left her.  She asks them to start the paperwork and at the same time, Iskender takes out the money from his company account without permission from the board of directors.  Çelebi discovers Iskender took money from the company and at that moment, he receives a call from Bulant who lets him know what he’s doing to destroy Tomris.  After he hangs up, Çelebi figures out that Iskender took the money to help Çiçek which he plans on using to remove him from the company.

Later, Iskender finds Çelebi in his office, who tells him his time at the company is over.  He explains that he knows about the money he took from the company without board approval which is grounds for termination.  To belittle Iskender, Çelebi tells him the girl he did it for doesn’t even look at him which puts Iskender over the edge causing his anger to take over and he proceeds to destroy his office.    

As Çiçek is waiting to hear from Bulant, she tries to give Ruya some advice after listening to her continued problems with Ömer.  However, at that moment, Iskender arrives to tell her that he located Bulant, but Ruya demands that he leave Çiçek alone.  When Çiçek tries to explain that he’s helping her with Atlas, Ruya tells her she doesn’t need the help of her father’s killer and pleads with her to stay away from him. 

After Iskender gets home, he finds Arzu waiting for him, so he tells her he’s tired of people looking at him with hate.  He tells her he’ll be losing his company for taking money, so Arzu accuses him of destroying his life for Çiçek but he refuses to realize it.

The following day, Çiçek receives a call from Bulant with their meeting place to make the exchange but before she’s able to leave, Arzu arrives.  She tells Çiçek that Iskender has fallen in love with her which will be the cause of his fall.  She explains the money he gave her was from his company which gives Çelebi the opportunity to remove him from his position.  She tells Çiçek to stay away from him and leaves.  Afterward, Çiçek goes to see Iskender return the money to him.  She tells him he promised to destroy Çelebi and not the other way around and tells him she’ll figure out another solution to get Atlas back. 

Later, Iskender arrives at the board meeting, which Çelebi called to have him removed from his position for stealing money from the company.  Iskender informs the board he didn’t steal the money but rather used it to invest it and proceeds to show them proof.  As the board leaves the conference room without removing Iskender from the board, he tells Çelebi he won’t be able to get rid of him so quickly but Çelebi warns him that he now knows what his weak point is.  Iskender threatens to kill him if he touches Çiçek, so Çelebi tells him he won’t kill him, he’ll just do something worse.    

Çiçek meets with Bulant to make a deal and tells him if he lets her take Atlas, she’ll sign over all of Tomris’ properties to him which are worth more than the amount he was asking.  Since it’s always been about money, Bulant agrees.  The following day, Çiçek and her lawyer wait for Bulant to meet to complete the deal but he’s late.  Apparently, he’s been kidnapped by Iskender who has him tied to a chair.



What I Loved:

Of course, I loved that Cemre finally admitted her feelings to Ozan.  Although the scene was bittersweet because Cemre told Ozan they can’t see each other anymore for his safety, I’m happy that she gave in to her feelings and confessed her love to a man who deserves her.  Unfortunately, it’s true what she said that even if they put Çelebi in jail, he still has the power to have Ozan killed if they attempted to be together.  I also loved that they had their first kiss.   


What I Disliked:

I disliked that Arzu felt the need to confront Çiçek for Iskender falling in love with her.  She didn’t do it to help Iskender, but rather did it for herself because she loves him and knows that he doesn’t love her.  She sounded like a jealous girlfriend telling Çiçek to stay away from him when he’s the one who is constantly making excuses to see her. 

I also disliked that Zeynep confessed her undying love for Ömer, however, she stayed away from him all these years knowing where he was yet never returned to see him.  I think she realized that Ömerhas moved on so she’s trying to get him back but it’s only making her look desperate.     


My Thoughts:

I’m wondering if Çiçek is really planning on turning over all of Tomris’ belongings to Bulant in exchange for Atlas.  The whole point of Tomris transferring ownership to Çiçek was to avoid Bulant getting his hands on it, so I hope Çiçek has a plan otherwise Bulant will succeed and get everything he’s always wanted with no guarantee that he won’t take Atlas later.

I was disappointed how Rüya and Ömer are not taking the time to explain their situations and kept getting mad at each other like teenagers.  I was hoping to see them act more mature as they figure out their differences but no.  I was also surprised at Ömer's proposal.  Does he really think Rüya will accept it while in the middle of an argument??  Like I said before, I’m not a fan of couples who keep breaking up because of jealousy but I guess it adds drama to their story.    

Last, I’m sure we’re going to see some more amazing acting from Demet Evgar in next week’s episode after Çelebi witnessed Cemre and Ozan kissing.        

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