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Güzel Günler (Forever Together)

Güzel Günler (Forever Together)

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29 years ago, a boy and a girl were born at the same time on the same shores of Lake Van. The wise and old Setrak, visited both families and told the parents that the babies were meant to share the same destiny; “They will love each other deeply. And then something terrible will happen which will make them part ways.” Years passed, and Selma and Mihran grew up and fell in love just like the old man said. The two even get engaged, however, shortly after the engagement Selma and Mihran break up after a big fire, which leaves Mihran without a home and he is forced to move to Istanbul with his family. He leaves behind in the city of Van, all his memories with Selma, whom he thinks set their house on fire. Seven years later Selma and Mihran still haven’t exchanged a word, until the old Setrak dies, leaving a heritage for Selma and Mihran in Istanbul… After hearing the bad news, Selma hops in her car alongside her little sister Leylim and her cat Duman, and begins her journey towards Istanbul to get the heritage. As lonely as Selma is, Mihran is living with a very large family in Istanbul. Moreover, he is about to get engaged to the beautiful Alya. Time goes by, Selma finds Mihran and reveals to him the secrets of their past. As the wise Setrak once said, Selma and Mihran start to share the same life and destiny, and they fall in love all over again.

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