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Benim Adım Melek

Benim Adım Melek


Karadag Family and Sirhan Family have been close to each other over centuries. This story starts when Karadag Family’s daughter, a college freshman student Melek (Nehir Erdogan) and Sirhan Family’s son, a college senior student Halil (Kutsi) forced to get married by their families. Despite her unwillingness for this marriage, Melek cannot protest her father. Their traditions and culture stand on her way. On their engagement day, she elopes with Alpay (Kaan Cakir), the man she loves, to Berlin, Germany. After this incident, the families never mention Melek’s name again. For Seyit Ali Karahan, his precious daughter is dead. Halil is the only one who cannot forget Melek… he has been carrying his feelings like a burden in his heart.

Melek leaves everything behind to marry Alpay but things don’t work out as planned. Despite the years and three children, things start to shake between Melek and also she catches a fatal disease. All difficulties hit her… her burden is too heavy to carry. She wants to talk Alpay about her disease and the problems between them.

When she goes home, she faces the fact that Alpay divorced her and took their children’s custody. After losing everything, she decides to go back to her motherland to ask for her father’s forgiveness… To the man, she brought shame disgraced for all those years. She wants to entrust her kids to her father and gives her last breath… but she understands that motherhood is not about giving up, it is about living for her kids. MELEK “A Mother’s Struggle” is the tale of a woman who rebuilds her life with her kids and her family.

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