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Best "Second Chance Romance" Turkish Dramas Online


120 mins
Action Crime Romance Star TV
Two cops nab a drug lord, who offers them an outrageous bribe to get him off in the late 1980s. One says no, the other says yes, and soon it’s the honest cop who’s kicked off the force in a drug scandal. He was set up by his best friend, the crooked cop, who becomes the drug dealer’s right-hand man and, eventually, a master criminal in his own right.

For the honest cop, nothing but tragedy. He takes his family from Istanbul but dies soon after. The family becomes separated when thugs take away the oldest son, Kuzgun. This eight-year-old boy ends up on the streets, fending for himself. Over the next 20 years, the orphan transcends all the pain and trauma of his childhood to transform himself into the perfect sword of vengeance.

Now an adult, nothing will get in Kuzgun’s way. He infiltrates the gang of Rifat, the best friend who betrayed his father, and soon Kuzgun begins to rise through the ranks. All is going according to plan… until he runs into Dila.

Dila is Rifat’s daughter and Kuzgun’s childhood sweetheart. Kuzgun was the love of her life, and it broke her heart when he disappeared. Now 20 years later he reappears as her bodyguard. Dila doesn’t recognize the new man at first, but is strangely drawn to him all the same.

Of course, Kuzgun knows exactly who Dila is. He tries to harden his heart, but the old spark just won’t die. Soon their love catches fire, and the bond between them becomes Kuzgun’s greatest obstacle. Can this unbreakable love conquer his thirst for revenge?

This improbable love story puts Kuzgun and Dila on a dangerous path, as the forces of love and revenge transform them both.
Drama Romance NOW
The beautiful Zümrüt strives to find love amid the jealousies and betrayals of the rich Demirkan family in this powerful and moving drama, set in a mansion rocked by murder, vengeance and passion.

The beautiful Zümrüt carries the burden of looking after her sick father, her mother and two sisters by working for the powerful Demirkan family. In her quest for happiness, she must find a way through the deceptions, betrayals and secrets of the Demirkans’ world as she seeks a path towards love.

Adil Demirkan is in love Zümrüt, but she views him more like an older brother and is secretly in a relationship with his nephew Serhat. Zümrüt and Serhat are planning to marry after his military service. However, her world falls apart when she hears that he has died on active duty.

Believing him dead, Zümrüt can no longer resist the pressure from her mother to marry the wealthy Adil. But Serhat appears just as she and Adil make their wedding vows and there is a further twist of fate when Adil is killed by an unknown assailant on their wedding night.

Zümrüt is now deeply resented by Serhat and discovers that Adil’s older brother wants her for himself. As she strives to survive amid the scheming and plotting in the Demirkan Mansion, she and Serhat will make discoveries which will transform how they view both those around them, and each other.
Drama Star TV
The series "Kaderimin Oyunu" is about the story of a strong woman in her 30s named Asiye. Asiye, who had a difficult childhood because of her stepmother, found happiness in Cemal, whom she married at the age of 17. However, over time, the birth of her children Nergis and Umut and the difficult living conditions cast a shadow over Asiye's happiness. For a better life, Cemal leaves her and her 2 children behind and establishes another home with a wealthy woman named Helin. Asiye, who is struggling to survive alone, meets Mahir, which changes her fate.
Family Show TV
29 years ago, a boy and a girl were born at the same time on the same shores of Lake Van. The wise and old Setrak, visited both families and told the parents that the babies were meant to share the same destiny; “They will love each other deeply. And then something terrible will happen which will make them part ways.” Years passed, and Selma and Mihran grew up and fell in love just like the old man said. The two even get engaged, however, shortly after the engagement Selma and Mihran break up after a big fire, which leaves Mihran without a home and he is forced to move to Istanbul with his family. He leaves behind in the city of Van, all his memories with Selma, whom he thinks set their house on fire. Seven years later Selma and Mihran still haven’t exchanged a word, until the old Setrak dies, leaving a heritage for Selma and Mihran in Istanbul… After hearing the bad news, Selma hops in her car alongside her little sister Leylim and her cat Duman, and begins her journey towards Istanbul to get the heritage. As lonely as Selma is, Mihran is living with a very large family in Istanbul. Moreover, he is about to get engaged to the beautiful Alya. Time goes by, Selma finds Mihran and reveals to him the secrets of their past. As the wise Setrak once said, Selma and Mihran start to share the same life and destiny, and they fall in love all over again.

Kara Tahta

120 mins
Drama TRT1
Being bullied by his friends during his high school years, Atlas (Furkan Andıç) has to leave his hometown together with his mother. Years later, he completes his education and is appointed to his former school in his hometown as a mathematics teacher. Is it a coincidence?

The day of reckoning has come for Atlas and his bullies, who nearly caused his death, and his father, who ignored all the bullying he went through. And then there is Irmak (Miray Daner)., the girl who stole his heart…
Atlas' path is not an easy one… Will he be a teacher who sacrifices himself to help others or a cruel person to get rid of his anger?

“Tell me, Atlas, why did you come back? For your love, you had to leave behind or to settle an old score?”
Drama Family TRT1
Karadag Family and Sirhan Family have been close to each other over centuries. This story starts when Karadag Family’s daughter, a college freshman student Melek (Nehir Erdogan) and Sirhan Family’s son, a college senior student Halil (Kutsi) forced to get married by their families. Despite her unwillingness for this marriage, Melek cannot protest her father. Their traditions and culture stand on her way. On their engagement day, she elopes with Alpay (Kaan Cakir), the man she loves, to Berlin, Germany. After this incident, the families never mention Melek’s name again. For Seyit Ali Karahan, his precious daughter is dead. Halil is the only one who cannot forget Melek… he has been carrying his feelings like a burden in his heart.

Melek leaves everything behind to marry Alpay but things don’t work out as planned. Despite the years and three children, things start to shake between Melek and also she catches a fatal disease. All difficulties hit her… her burden is too heavy to carry. She wants to talk Alpay about her disease and the problems between them.

When she goes home, she faces the fact that Alpay divorced her and took their children’s custody. After losing everything, she decides to go back to her motherland to ask for her father’s forgiveness… To the man, she brought shame disgraced for all those years. She wants to entrust her kids to her father and gives her last breath… but she understands that motherhood is not about giving up, it is about living for her kids. MELEK “A Mother’s Struggle” is the tale of a woman who rebuilds her life with her kids and her family.