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Kara Tahta (The Blackboard)

Kara Tahta (The Blackboard)

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Being bullied by his friends during his high school years, Atlas (Furkan Andıç) has to leave his hometown together with his mother. Years later, he completes his education and is appointed to his former school in his hometown as a mathematics teacher. Is it a coincidence?

The day of reckoning has come for Atlas and his bullies, who nearly caused his death, and his father, who ignored all the bullying he went through. And then there is Irmak (Miray Daner)., the girl who stole his heart…
Atlas' path is not an easy one… Will he be a teacher who sacrifices himself to help others or a cruel person to get rid of his anger?

“Tell me, Atlas, why did you come back? For your love, you had to leave behind or to settle an old score?”

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