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Best "Family-oriented" Turkish Dramas Online

Drama Family Kanal D
Once upon a time in a beautiful yet mysterious country, there lived three sisters named Türkan, Dönüş, and Derya. As a close-knit family, they would dream of a promising future every night. Perhaps such an upbringing, that was similar to a fairy tale on the pine-scented streets of Ayvalık, had not prepared them for the grim reality of adulthood. Over time, the sisters discover that life and the choices that are accompanied by it are not as easy as they seem. Inconceivable secrets can be hidden even by those who are trusted the most and horrific illnesses can lead to the resurrection of the past. This leads them to the question: Is there anything in the world that time cannot heal?


120 mins
Drama Show TV
Emin Saruhanli is the patriarch of a crowded family living together in a small town in Izmir. Proud and hard as nails, Emin rules his family by a rigid moral code. He even let his son go to jail for an internal family dispute rather than speak up for him with the police.

Emin’s strict life is turned on its head when his estranged brother dies in a plane crash along with his whole family. Emin hadn’t spoken to his brother in years, and in that time Mehmet Ali Saruhanli becomes one of the richest men in Turkey. As his only living relative, Emin is now the head of the powerful Saruhanli Holding Company.

Relocating to Istanbul, Emin and his family undergo a radical change in circumstances, as the trappings of wealth and power transform their lives and threaten Emin’s dominance. Joining them is Emin’s headstrong son Kadir, now out of prison and challenging his father at every turn. On top of everything else is Emin’s secret struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, which threatens to disable him before he can settle his family on their new path.
Drama Star TV
The story of a father promising to survive for his child. Everyone lives for their child, who can promise not to die?


120 mins
Drama Romance Kanal D
Kraliçe follows the lives of Ateş and Deniz, a couple whose lives are turned upside down when Ateş, a famous basketball player, is involved in a sex scandal. To add to their troubles, Deniz suddenly loses her father, to whom she was devoted. Deniz and her estranged siblings come together for their father's funeral only to discover he was in severe financial trouble. Deniz and her daughter go to her father’s village, where Deniz tries to save the family farm and recover from her husband’s betrayal. Meanwhile, Ateş struggles to prove his innocence and win back the love of his wife and daughter.

The series explores the complexities of family relationships, the importance of roots, and the strength that can be found in facing one's destiny. Despite the challenges they face, the characters attempt to re-establish themselves and their connections, while Ateş fights to keep his family together and to stay in Deniz's life. The story ultimately portrays the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.
Comedy ATV
Tells the story of the rivalry between two kebab houses of the same neighborhood and how their lives intersect through comedy, love, great secrets, and awkwardly translated intrigues.
Family Show TV
29 years ago, a boy and a girl were born at the same time on the same shores of Lake Van. The wise and old Setrak, visited both families and told the parents that the babies were meant to share the same destiny; “They will love each other deeply. And then something terrible will happen which will make them part ways.” Years passed, and Selma and Mihran grew up and fell in love just like the old man said. The two even get engaged, however, shortly after the engagement Selma and Mihran break up after a big fire, which leaves Mihran without a home and he is forced to move to Istanbul with his family. He leaves behind in the city of Van, all his memories with Selma, whom he thinks set their house on fire. Seven years later Selma and Mihran still haven’t exchanged a word, until the old Setrak dies, leaving a heritage for Selma and Mihran in Istanbul… After hearing the bad news, Selma hops in her car alongside her little sister Leylim and her cat Duman, and begins her journey towards Istanbul to get the heritage. As lonely as Selma is, Mihran is living with a very large family in Istanbul. Moreover, he is about to get engaged to the beautiful Alya. Time goes by, Selma finds Mihran and reveals to him the secrets of their past. As the wise Setrak once said, Selma and Mihran start to share the same life and destiny, and they fall in love all over again.
Drama NOW
The Turkish remake of America TV Series, 'This Is Us,' which is a heartwarming and emotional story about a unique set of triplets, their struggles, and their wonderful parents.
Drama Kanal D
Paths of two families cross through a deal made between a man and a woman. Although Agah (Fikret Kuşkan) and Seher (Deniz Uğur) originate from the same hometown, their lifestyle evolved in different directions over the years. The Karaçay Family’s glamorous world that conceals a dirty old secret rocks the values and the lives of two families when the Yılmaz Family steps into their mansion. Members of both sides are put to a test by their sins in which they are not even aware of. The journey from the Southeastern city of Antakya to the ruthless city of Istanbul is a story of fighting for existence. After their encounter, neither Agah nor Seher’s life is ever going to be the same.
Drama Family TRT1
Karadag Family and Sirhan Family have been close to each other over centuries. This story starts when Karadag Family’s daughter, a college freshman student Melek (Nehir Erdogan) and Sirhan Family’s son, a college senior student Halil (Kutsi) forced to get married by their families. Despite her unwillingness for this marriage, Melek cannot protest her father. Their traditions and culture stand on her way. On their engagement day, she elopes with Alpay (Kaan Cakir), the man she loves, to Berlin, Germany. After this incident, the families never mention Melek’s name again. For Seyit Ali Karahan, his precious daughter is dead. Halil is the only one who cannot forget Melek… he has been carrying his feelings like a burden in his heart.

Melek leaves everything behind to marry Alpay but things don’t work out as planned. Despite the years and three children, things start to shake between Melek and also she catches a fatal disease. All difficulties hit her… her burden is too heavy to carry. She wants to talk Alpay about her disease and the problems between them.

When she goes home, she faces the fact that Alpay divorced her and took their children’s custody. After losing everything, she decides to go back to her motherland to ask for her father’s forgiveness… To the man, she brought shame disgraced for all those years. She wants to entrust her kids to her father and gives her last breath… but she understands that motherhood is not about giving up, it is about living for her kids. MELEK “A Mother’s Struggle” is the tale of a woman who rebuilds her life with her kids and her family.
Family Romance TRT1
The series will follow the struggle of two young people of different nationalities to achieve the impossible for the sake of their love in Skopje.
Comedy TRT1
Based on K Drama, "Once Again." "Benim Güzel Ailem" brings together three different generations, bringing together the values of the past and the changing demands of the new. In this way, it sheds light on today's Turkish family structure.

The story focuses on a middle-class, large family that is connected to its traditions and to each other and aims to keep the family institution alive. Canan and Rasim, the parents of the Akyol Family, live in a detached but moderate house in one of the neighbourhoods of Istanbul that has retained its local culture and historical texture. They earn their living from their bakery in the same neighbourhood. Rasim and Canan, who have four children and three grandchildren, are an exemplary couple with 40-plus years of marriage. 

Canan tries to convince Rasim that her family members get along like roses and that they have no problems. But their children's marriage is not good at all. Suddenly all the children return to their father's house. While the Akyol family is trying to cope with the problems, the youngest daughter of the house decides to get married.