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Yaprak Dökümü

Yaprak Dökümü


Adapted from Reşat Nuri Güntekin's novel of the same name, Yaprak Dökümü brings to the screen the story of a family's resistance to social and economic conditions.

Ali Rıza Bey, who has devoted his whole life to giving good morals to his five children, resigns from his duty as district governor when he is asked to turn a blind eye to an injustice. With their daughter Necla winning the university, Ali Rıza Bey and his family decide to settle in Istanbul. But Ali Rıza Bey finds the city where he was born and raised very much changed. In this different environment, children's wishes have also begun to change. Economic crises brought by big city life are inevitable. Ali Rıza Bey lost his authority along with his economic power. Returning from the military and shouldering the burden of the family, Şevket falls in love with a married woman.

The blows come one after another. The wind is blowing hard, the leaves of the tree are falling one by one.

This is how Leaf Fall begins. And it reveals the story of all of us with all its truth.

With its sincere and realistic narration, Leaf Dump points to a fact that we all know:

Every family is a tree. It's not just the family in the series; Every family in Turkey!... Happiness, expectations, loves, disappointments, falls and rises are basically always the same. We are all the leaves of our own family.

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