Category: Renewals and Cancellations

'Kaderimin Oyunu’ Renewed For Season 2 at Star TV

Kaderimin Oyunu
Following the success of the series home and abroad, Star TV has given the series a second season order, as of Feb 25.

Yeni Hayat cancelled at Kanal D

Yeni Hayat
The drama that fans longed for since March couldn't seem to find an audience on Thursday evenings!

İyi Günde Kötü Günde cancelled at Star TV

İyi Günde Kötü Günde
In hindsight, the colourful show would have made a splash in the winter season.

Bay Yanlış Cancelled at FOX

Bay Yanlış
The series will end with 14 episodes, after a decent run this summer on FOX.

Netflix Renews Teen Drama 'Love 101' for Season 2

Aşk 101
The breakout teen drama starts filming its second season in July 2020

'Kimse Bilmez' cancelled at ATV

Kimse Bilmez
Kimse Bilmez to end with one season after moderately successful run on ATV.

Elimi Bırakma to end two-season run in December

Elimi Bırakma
Elimi Bırakma to end two-season run in December