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'Esaret' Renewed For Season 3 at Kanal 7


As the 2023-2024 season draws to a close in a few weeks, the fate of currently airing TV shows is being decided every day until June. Of the daily dramas, Esaret (Redemption), produced by Karamel Yapim, is the first to snag a renewal at Kanal 7. Since its premiere in November 2022, the series, which airs Monday to Friday on Kanal 7, has maintained pretty good ratings for a daily drama, even outperforming some primetime dramas.

Esaret revolves around Orhun and Hira, an unlikely couple from contrasting backgrounds, who are brought together in extraordinary circumstances - when Hira is framed for the murder of Orhun's sister, he vows to take revenge. But the two grow close, and when Hira proves her innocence their love is allowed to finally flourish. That is until the next major trauma in Hira’s life that upends their romance all over again…

“Esaret (Redemption) is a classic example of a series that succeeds because of great storytelling, and even though it has a more modest budget than some, the production is high quality, the perfomances from the cast are compelling and each episode is unmissable!” says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at international distributor Eccho Rights.Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at international distributor Eccho Rights.
Esaret, which has been licensed across a slew of Eastern European territories, consisted of 207 x 45' episodes in its first season, while season two, which is currently on air and in production until the summer, will consist of a total of 273 episodes. The third season is set to premiere in September 2024, with 280 episodes commissioned.
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