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Will There Be Season 2 of Gülcemal?


The 13th episode of Gülcemal, the beloved drama series starring Murat Ünalmış ve Melis Sezen aired today, July 13, on FOX. The series, written by Eda Tezcan Çalışkan, centers on the titular character Gülcemal (Ünalmış), who was abandoned by his mother as a child and turned into a dark monster in turn. On his part to revenge, he encounters the beautiful Deva (Sezen), and what starts off as hatred between them gradually swings into the vortex of fire, passion and storm.

Gülcemal quickly became a fan favorite after its premiere on April 6th, and many praised the chemistry between the lead actors. As the series was finding its footing on Thursday nights, it was announced in early June that FOX had cancelled the series and it would conclude with Episode 10. Days later, the final episode was changed, extending the series to 13 Episodes instead.

Will There Be Season 2 of Gülcemal?

Unfortunately, no. Season 1, Episode 13 marks the last and final episode of Gülcemal. The series ended on a happy note, so there's that.

What happened in the series finale?

Dikkat, spoilers ahead. Dikkat, spoilers ahead.

In true cancelled dizi fashion, there was a time jump (5 years) following Gülcemal's apparent death. Deva built a life with her son Cemal and her parents. On the other hand, Zafer Hanim, Gülcemal's mother, has been unable to cope with the loss of her son and continues to hope for his safe return. Gulcemal's absence restored peace and harmony as everyone shared the common pain of losing him. One fateful day, however, little Cemal disappears in the park and just as the family is practically looking for him, a surprise person finds him – Can you guess who? *wink *wink

The cast of Gülcemal in the final episode

When will Gülcemal air in my country?

Good news – Gülcemal, distributed by MADD Entertainment, has been licensed in over 15 countries so far. One of the said countries is the United States, with the series expected to air imminently on Telemundo. 

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