Bay Yanliş: Episode 1 Review

When Mr. Wrong signs up to help her find Mr. Right, comedy ensues

Bay Yanlış: Episode 2 Review

With their agreement in place, Ozgur becomes Ezgi's love coach

Bay Yanlış – Episode 3 Review

Ezgi decides to go to Gocek with Ozgur, peppered with unexpected meetings before and along the way

Bay Yanlış: Episode 4 Review

With adventures galore, will Ozgur and Ezgi continue their charade?

Bay Yanlış, Episode 5 Review

As Ozgur and Ezgi dig deeper into their lies, what does the future hold?

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With both Ozgur and Ezgi increasingly aware of their feelings for the other, are they ready to be together?

Bay Yanlış, Episode 7 - 8 Review

As they become self-aware of what they want, what kind of tango will Ozgur and Ezgi perform?

Bay Yanlış, Episode 9 - 10 Review

Ozgur and Ezgi acknowledge their love but will be able to rise above the interference and obstacles that keep coming their way?