Bay Yanlış, Episode 7 - 8 Review

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In the interest of time and life changes, I am changing the format of my ongoing reviews for Bay Yanlis. I assume that by now most of my readers are well vested into the show and do not need an episode summary. I will focus more on my interpretation of the themes and plots, and I hope it will still serve as a worthy review for a show that has mature undertones even though some of the comedy may seem slapstick, overly done Turkish drama.

My apologies to my readers for missing the weekly review for Episode 7 but I feel that thematically Episodes 7 and 8 belong together. By Episode 7, both Ozgur and Ezgi are self-aware about the growing feelings for each other and they are converging on ways to express themselves to each other. Whereas Ozan is aware of and in awe of Ozgur’s feelings, Ezgi is unable to share the truth with anyone but Ozgur himself.

Comfortable and authentic when alone

There is so much prejudice against Ozgur being a worthy partner for Ezgi, and given her history of failed relationships, Ezgi lacks the courage to vocally stand up for her love. Both of them also need some level of reassurance about the other’s feelings before they are willing to take the plunge into the tango of the love dance. Through meddling parents and friends, and misunderstanding arising from ancillary characters, these are issues Ozgur and Ezgi work on together, and eventually they are self-deterministic about what they want despite many loud voices trying to tell them otherwise.  

Misperceptions & Prejudices

Ezgi leads Ozgur to believe that she went on a date with Serdar, and as she rushes home to chat with Ozgur, she finds Yeshim draped over him out on the terrace. She doesn’t learn that Yeshim got dismissed soon thereafter, but the misperceptions about each other keep both from expressing their true feelings.

Much of Episode 7 is spent on the troupe preparing for their Latin night at the restaurant, where Serdar is invited by Ezgi, and Soner the Pislik is invited by Gizem. During some thematic cooking program earlier in the day, Irem and Yeshim show up and we begin to get more insight into the Holier than thou Serdar, who was Irem’s boyfriend at some point. There are hints of narcissistic behavior from Serdar, and the kind of mental effects he might leave on a girlfriend. These layers are interesting because it hints at how our actions can be shaped by prejudices.

Ozgur’s unapologetic but authentic lifestyle is seen by Ezgi’s friends as completely inappropriate for Ezgi, whereas Serdar’s hypocrisy serves its purpose. All of Deniz, Cansu and Ezgi’s mother subscribe to what society has defined as being ‘good’ and ‘perfect’ for Ezgi, and they keep trying to steer her towards that.  

Inhibitions with Age

We learn that Ozan and Deniz were smitten with each other when in high school and had lost touch since. The past is mentioned in a sweet way to make the point that with age and experience, we develop armor we don’t have as youngsters. We are far more willing to take risks and express ourselves, even if there is a risk of rejection. Over time, life wounds make us wary. For Deniz, learning that Ozan is the boy she had a crush on in high school lowered some of her defenses. Perhaps because she feels she could trust her heart better then and the fact that she is attracted to the same man again must mean there is some truth to this love.

To an extent, this theme also permeates into the slightly more ridiculous relationship dynamics for the hilariously funny Levent and Cansu. Levent is unwilling to commit because of his experience of marriage and even though he loves Cansu to the extent that he can, he needs to be on his own journey to overcome his fears. Finally, Cansu is doing the right thing by establishing her boundaries where he is concerned.


Criminally good looking and articulate

Ozgur, looking particularly handsome in all his new shirts, lets Yeshim know that she’s barking up the wrong tree with her wily ways. He is bold and decisive about what he wants and he has no doubt in his mind about his feelings for Ezgi. He feels it is reciprocated but wants for Ezgi to take a step and assert her desires. Interestingly, while Ezgi has become brave enough to be suggestive and enticing when she finally gives her answer, she also plays along with the charade of Serdar, as imposed by Cansu, Deniz and Serdar himself. Sometimes, friends become so vested in our lives that we give them the power to shape our decisions, and perhaps this is still a part of her journey Ezgi will need to work on. In her heart, she is sure about her feelings for Ozgur but she is still a product of social conditioning that make women care too much about what others have to say.  

Expressions of Love

Ozgur is understated in his feelings for Ezgi. He’s caring about her well-being and not as concerned about having her as a showpiece on his arm. He’s possessive in that he steps in to teach her how to dance the tango instead of letting her go to a random instructor. He breaks his ethos of no fights at the restaurant by stepping in to rescue Ezgi from the manhandling Soner.

Even though Ozgur spent hours training Ezgi, with the knowledge that she will be on exhibition with Serdar at the party, he is only too happy to step in as her partner when Serdar is running late. With the makeup and music, it’s a lovely presentation of the tango, and their body language is an expression of where they are in their relationship. A bubbling passion that is muted because of things left unsaid. Smoldering glances that are searching for the truth but a restrained body that balances a heady fall into love without knowing where it can go. Can Yaman and Ozge Gurel are truly seasoned performers who understand the range of emotions that need to be portrayed as a function of how their relationship is evolving.

After the fight with Soner, in the comforts of home, their genuine care for each other as they nursed their wounds is the special part about this love story. They complement each other, enjoy each other’s company, have things to share and laugh about. They see each other for who they are, and for the first time, Ezgi is not trying to mold herself to what she thinks her partner needs. Ozgur helps to bring the best out in her and even though her loved ones do not understand this, she does. His affection towards her is not lost on Ezgi.

She is touched with Ozgur’s willingness to take full responsibility for the misunderstanding arising from their fake relationship. When her parents leave, Ezgi is happy to share the blame with him, not wanting him to feel alone. As both of them feel spent under the onslaught of interferingly loud parents, they escape to the outskirts of the city, where they don’t have to answer to anyone or be inhibited by prying eyes or interruptions.


And this is where we end Episode 8, where with patience Ozgur remains steadfast into coaxing Ezgi into admitting that she is jealous when it comes to him and Yeshim, or any other woman for that matter. Feeling emboldened, Ezgi answers with their first real kiss.

From the upcoming trailer, we already know Serdar will try to wedge his way into Ezgi’s life, and I feel Ozgur will allow Ezgi the space to learn to defend her love for him. Serdar has already entered into a race against Ozgur, his hunter instincts telling him that Ozgur is credible competition in winning Ezgi. Serdar will act like a fool and Ozgur will show his emotional maturity by not engaging. The reality is that it is really not a race between the two men, but Ezgi finding herself enough to put her stake in the ground. We shall see how the narrative unfolds. Maybe we will get many stolen romantic moments as Ozgur reminds Ezgi again and again as to why it is worth the fight. Concurrently, I will fervently pray that the loud and dramatic mothers can keep a lid on their exaggerated acting in their roles. It’s a fine line between physical comedy and air-headed stereotypes for parent figures which do not align with the back story for the characters we have been given thus far. I trust in the team to maintain the maturity of the main themes. 


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