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Melike, who is innocent, is convicted of killing her husband and is released after twenty years. Her only dream is to reunite with her daughter Hazal, whom she entrusted to her sister when she was a baby. However, Melike is not only waiting for her daughter outside, but also a new prison woven with lies. As Melike uncovers the lies told to her one by one, she will also understand what kind of game she has fallen into. While gradually approaching the girl who has been calling someone else her mother for years, she will also do her best to reveal the real killer of her husband. In this story woven with lies, the most conscientious will be the most ruthless, and the most loyal will be the real traitors. The series primarily focuses on a mother’s relationship with her daughters, it narrates a story formed around a difficult-to-unravel and necessary-to-maintain lie. The layers of this long-standing lie become even more intriguing with each new episode, revealing secrets and additional lies.
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