Bir Umut Yeter

Yilmaz does not have much expectation of life, until he meets Elif. In a very short time, Yılmaz gets so much impressed by her, that with the insistence of Elif, the two young people decide to marry. Elif's miscarriages shake their marriage, but by suprise, a newborn baby enters their life...
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Sep 27, 2018

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Oct 06, 2018

S01E03 of Bir Umut Yeter


Oct 13, 2018

S01E04 of Bir Umut Yeter


Oct 20, 2018

S01E05 of Bir Umut Yeter


Oct 27, 2018

Cem Uçan as Taner Çelikbaş

Cem Uçan

Taner Çelikbaş
Yağmur Özbasmacı Mermer as Dilek Akar

Yağmur Özbasmacı Mermer

Dilek Akar
Feyza Civelek as Damla Akar

Feyza Civelek

Damla Akar
Serhat Tutumluer as Kenan Akar

Serhat Tutumluer

Kenan Akar
Tolgahan Sayışman as Yılmaz Karabey

Tolgahan Sayışman

Yılmaz Karabey
Esra Bilgiç as Derya Akar

Esra Bilgiç

Derya Akar
Hazal Subaşı as Elif Karabey

Hazal Subaşı

Elif Karabey

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