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A woman struggles to fulfill her dreams in the face of a tyrannical family determined to control her every step, battling alone to win the hearts of her children turned against her and carve out the loving life she craves.

In a world dominated by men, Gulperi’s father forces her to surrender her dreams of education and first love, Kadir. Hopes of salvation come with her suitor, Eyup, and they flee to his family home. There too, she will face hostility, as they build a life together with their three children.

Tragedy strikes when Eyup dies on a trip to Syria. Forced to live in his family’s home, Gulperi stands alone against her in-laws, who try to turn her children against her. An attempt by Eyup’s brother to rape her ends with her wounding him badly. Gulperi is sentenced to prison.

Upon her release, she flees to Istanbul, forced to abandon her children. Rekindling her friendship with Kadir, a successful lawyer, he helps her win custody of the children. Gulperi must still win back their love, but for her father-in-law Yakup the battle continues, as he schemes to lure the children back.

It will be Kadir again who comes to the rescue, forcing Yakup to let them go. Gulperi will face a new challenge, as she finds her love for Kadir reignited. With that love threatening her dream of family bliss, and Yakup still plotting to win back his grandchildren, Gulperi’s struggles are far from over.

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