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Afili Aşk

Afili Aşk


Handsome and womanizer Kerem is the son of Yigiter Family who has one of the oldest textile businesses in Istanbul. With his creative mind, he made his family company the leader of the sector with a start-up as they were about to get out of date. He accomplishes it but he is still not a proper man in the eyes of his father. Because Kerem lives his life to the fullest by wining, dining, travelling and hanging out with as many girls as he can.

Ayşe, on the other hand, works at Kerem’s factory. She is a smart, beautiful and a bighearted girl who leads a boring, joyless life under the control of her two brothers, one of them is despotic while the other one is idle. Thus, her only hope is to marry her boyfriend Berk and leave this difficult life behind. However, her brothers want her to marry the rich boy of the neighbourhood Sabri, Ayşe tells Berk that they have to marry at once. After learning about it, Berk disappears.

While she is a kind, calm and naïve slum girl, Ayşe gets stabbed in the back by both her family and her boyfriend. So, for the first time in her life, she decides to do something for herself. Kerem has the biggest effect on Ayşe’s decision, but he is not aware of that he will be Ayşe’s victim at the same time. Ayşe becomes the playmaker of the game by making a move to bond each other for a lifetime, yet they don’t know it will get so complicated that they won’t be able to get out of it easily.

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