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Ah Nerede

Ah Nerede


Ah Nerede features three brothers whose family sent them to Istanbul to pursue their education but who ended up following their own passions. Ömer is supposed to be studying engineering but instead spends his evenings as a musician performing in bars. Middle son Murat is a compulsive gambler who should be studying law. And eldest son Ferit is a would-be medical student who chases women day and night.

Ferit, an incurable womanizer, has left a trail of broken hearts all over Istanbul when three of his conquests team up to turn the tables on him. Their ringleader is Zehra, a former medical student who dropped out of school after she was dumped at the wedding table. Now she’s using her brains and considerable beauty to help her friends take revenge on Ferit.

Things really get complicated when Zehra tells Ferit’s parents what their sons are actually doing in Istanbul. When Ferit finds out, he blackmails Zehra into pretending to be his fiancée, which delights his parents but creates new problems for everyone involved.


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