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Best "Fake Relationship" Turkish Dramas Online

Crime Romance NOW
Naz is fresh out the police academy, where she graduated at the top of her class. Serious, ambitious and conscientious, she’s lived her life “by the book,” and that’s the kind of police officer she intends to be.

Pamir is a veteran detective with a reputation for always getting his man. He’s also the exact opposite of Naz. Aggressive and ruthless, Pamir doesn’t hesitate to bend the rules to reach his objective. He’s also a bit of a lone wolf.

Neither Naz nor Pamir are happy when their captain pairs them up on a special undercover operation to take down Tarık Koşuoğlu, a dangerous mafia don masquerading as a fish distributor. The unlikely couple are assigned to pose as newlyweds who just moved in across the street. Naz and Pamir can’t stand each other, yet despite all their friction, they somehow manage to gain Tarik’s trust. Then, just when the operation is on the verge of success, something incredible happens – they begin to fall in love! And that’s when everything begins to unravel.
Romantic Comedy Star TV
Nejat married Aylin, his first love from college, and together they had a baby named Kayra. One day, Aylin left her daughter and husband because of postpartum depression. Nejat became a single father. He tells “innocent” lies to his daughter about her mother’s absence, telling his daughter that her mother is in Africa to help children in need. He supports his lie with many letters, supposedly written by Aylin, to make the story more convincing.

One day he meets Suna, a woman who runs her family’s old-fashioned cafe in his local neighborhood. After several incidents, Suna visits Nejat’s flat. But when Kayra sees Suna, she thinks that Suna is her mother and that she has returned for Kayra’s sixth birthday.

Suna and Nejat cannot tell Kayra the truth, and they find themselves playing a game they do not want to play. Suna becomes a “hired” mother. This situation pushes Nejat and Suna into falling in love, and they slowly become a real family. But when Kayra’s estranged mother Aylin appears, they will have to face a whole new challenge.
Romantic Comedy TRT1
Two different lives, two different worlds... Will Zeynep and Civanmert be able to escape the love of their destiny? The series will follow the love of the smart, resourceful, and beautiful Zeynep, who manages the family business, and Civanmert, a naive but brave neighborhood boy who is famous as the "yekparmak valet." Zeynep and Civanmert's fictional love story will turn into an irresistible love story over time, and the audience will follow this story closely.

Ah Nerede

120 mins
Romantic Comedy Star TV
Ah Nerede features three brothers whose family sent them to Istanbul to pursue their education but who ended up following their own passions. Ömer is supposed to be studying engineering but instead spends his evenings as a musician performing in bars. Middle son Murat is a compulsive gambler who should be studying law. And eldest son Ferit is a would-be medical student who chases women day and night.

Ferit, an incurable womanizer, has left a trail of broken hearts all over Istanbul when three of his conquests team up to turn the tables on him. Their ringleader is Zehra, a former medical student who dropped out of school after she was dumped at the wedding table. Now she’s using her brains and considerable beauty to help her friends take revenge on Ferit.

Things really get complicated when Zehra tells Ferit’s parents what their sons are actually doing in Istanbul. When Ferit finds out, he blackmails Zehra into pretending to be his fiancée, which delights his parents but creates new problems for everyone involved.
Drama Romance ATV
The series is an impressive story of revenge between two families. In the series, everything turns upside down while Ferit and Hande are planning a marriage with the support of their families. When Ferit returns to the farm earlier than he should have been, and sees Hande very intimately with Yaman, who was their playground friend, he immediately goes to İstanbul and by chance meets a fierce girl named Ayşe and makes her a "proposal." This proposal includes them taking part in a pseudo marriage for the next six months, and in return Ayşe would paid a huge amount of money to make amends with her friend who she owes her life. The events revolve around, when they go back to motherlands. As easy as it may sound from Ferit's mouth, life in Antakya will be harder on the happily newly wedded fake couple, primarily caused by Ferit's dominant mother.