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Benim Tatlı Yalanım

Benim Tatlı Yalanım


Nejat married Aylin, his first love from college, and together they had a baby named Kayra. One day, Aylin left her daughter and husband because of postpartum depression. Nejat became a single father. He tells “innocent” lies to his daughter about her mother’s absence, telling his daughter that her mother is in Africa to help children in need. He supports his lie with many letters, supposedly written by Aylin, to make the story more convincing.

One day he meets Suna, a woman who runs her family’s old-fashioned cafe in his local neighborhood. After several incidents, Suna visits Nejat’s flat. But when Kayra sees Suna, she thinks that Suna is her mother and that she has returned for Kayra’s sixth birthday.

Suna and Nejat cannot tell Kayra the truth, and they find themselves playing a game they do not want to play. Suna becomes a “hired” mother. This situation pushes Nejat and Suna into falling in love, and they slowly become a real family. But when Kayra’s estranged mother Aylin appears, they will have to face a whole new challenge.

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