Mahkum (Innocent Defendant)

Turkish Remake 🍁 fall Dizi
Genre(s): Drama Mystery
Description: A prosecutor has lost his memory and discovers that he is convicted on death row. He is now left with no option but to find the truth behind his condition and prove his innocence.
Production Company: MF Yapım

Director: Yusuf Pirhasan

Screenwriter: Uğraş Güneş

Network: FOX

Elbet Bir Gün

In Production 🍁 fall Dizi
Genre(s): Drama
Description: Feride (Sinem Ünsal) changed her name to Gizem after running away from her brother-in-law, Cemil (Ömer Genç), out of fear for her life. The young woman who has built a new life for herself has a happy marriage. Watching TV one day, Gizem learns that her whole family has been killed and that Cemil is still after her and her older sister Nesime (Şebnem Bozoklu), who has fled with her lover. Nesime and Feride's paths cross again after many years... While Gizem struggles so that her and her sister's true identities are not revealed, her husband Mehmet (Burak Yamantürk) has secrets from his past that he hides from his wife.
Production Company: Most Production

Director: Gül Oğuz
Screenplay: Yusuf Reha Alp

Network: FOX