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When Aydan broke his heart, Dağhan thought his life was over. He abandoned his home, signed up for the army, and ended up in a special unit fighting in the east. Now, after two years of hard duty, Dağhan’s service is over. It’s time to come home.

But home is not as Dağhan remembers it. His family is shattered, and his old neighborhood has given way to a dark underworld. Aydan is gone, and even the old friends who remain all seem to be caught up in shady pursuits. When his loved ones come into danger, Dağhan reluctantly accepts an offer to become a professional hitman. But even a hitman needs a code, and sometimes extraordinary circumstances can turn an ordinary man into a hero – especially when Aydan suddenly reappears in Dağhan’s life.

Gaddar is a rollercoaster of emotions, taking viewers on a thrilling journey through Dağhan’s desperate quest for redemption, his fight to bring his family together, and a rekindled romance that blossoms in the face of danger.

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