Ruhun Duymaz: Season 1, Episode 8 Recap


Today I am writing this review sad and defeated due to the fact that Ruhun Duymaz got canceled. This show deserved so much more than FOX could give it, this cast and crew deserved so much better. The episode was perfect, maybe even my favorite episode yet. It is unfortunate the next one will be the last, but nonetheless, here are my thoughts on episode 8 of Ruhun Duymaz!


The Hazar secret has exploded and Onur feels completely hurt and devastated by Ece. He felt as if Ece had been lying to him this whole time and he could barely even look her in the eyes. Ece also admits that Hazar raised her, everything is starting to make sense now! 

And now, the best love confession I think I’ve ever seen in dizi history. We all know Ayşe is famous for her confessions, but this one HAS to take the cake. Them separated by a door (which was beautiful to watch cinematography-wise) as Onur confesses his love to her and says he has never loved a woman like he loves Ece before??? HELLO?? EcNur are taking it all! You really can’t blame Ece for hiding Hazar, Onur is still hiding Elif’s secret to be fair.

Ali & Melek becoming an item was unexpected for me but their scenes are so fun to watch that I am for it. I originally liked the idea of her & Melih together but it seems that won’t be happening.

Hilal has to be one of my favorite villains in a show. Yes, I get upset at the actions she’s taking against EcNur, but the way she does it is just so iconic! I love that she isn’t just targeting Onur cause she’s fallen madly in love… that trope needs to be over and done with in Diziland.

Onur has been officially fired due to how much he protected Ece. His love for her cost him his career, and to say I’m sad would be a slight lie. There is nothing I love more than seeing a man head over heels for a woman, and this is a prime example! I’m sure things will get resolved quickly due to the finale being soon.

I LOVED THE FLASHBACKS! It was so nice to see baby Ece and baby Musti. Her life was truly turned upside down by Hazar and she was raised cruelly. Ece and Onur truly deserve better than the childhoods they were given. I’m sad we won’t get to see this unfold as much as it deserved.

Civan is still a cute villain in my eyes. As the episodes have progressed, I see Hilal as the truly evil one and Civan as the evil one with a cute side. I don’t know why I can’t help but love him!

I was super surprised when the women of the team were on Ece’s side! I expected it to be the men due to the fact they liked her more anyway, but this plot twist was surprising to me. This show radiates girl power and to watch it in the script was beautiful. I’ve said it 1000 times already, this show deserved more than the treatment it got!

Onur has finally officially broken up with Hilal. I know it’s because of him being fired, but I am severely relieved they aren’t dating anymore. Hilal obviously did not take it that well, but she has smelled something fishy revolving around Ece & Onur for a few episodes now!

Hilal screamed at Ece to leave since she was with Civan at their house. Civan defended her, but Ece left and even said that his sister needed to be checked, A QUEEN! Even Melek defended her and supported her.

I like watching Mufit & Ayla’s scenes. They are a side couple I enjoyed a lot in this show. All the side characters had special places in my heart, and I’d consider them the most enjoyable ones I’ve watched in a dizi.

The scene where Civan runs after Melih was hilarious. The comedy this show radiates is always funny! Some dizis overdo it with cheesy jokes or just random screaming to fill in the comedy, but Ruhun Duymaz is the perfect example of a show mixed with romance, comedy, and drama!

In the end scene, Ece & Onur get locked in the freezer room. We also find out Ece has a fear of small spaces (classic Diziland) and she starts freaking out (mind you this is all happening on her birthday, poor girl!). Onur calms her down as much as he can.

Onur wraps his jacket around her and even hugs her… only for warmth of course! This scene was so wholesome and loving. He reassured her and they just had a moment of looking at one another. I’d like to think it was them confirming their love for one another. Ece even said, “I didn’t think I’d die on my birthday.” Like what the heck!! This script is just IT.

Onur takes a small sweet and puts a candle on it. He has a lighter and tells her to blow it out. He then says happy birthday to her and they cuddle. Do you hear me screaming, 'cause I’m screaming!! HE EVEN REMINDED HER OF THE FIRST TIME THEY MET! EcNur are taking it, that’s all. The episode ends with her fainting. In the fragman, we see that Hazar kidnaps her and holds a gun to her and it’s the team’s job to save her. I can’t wait to watch it.

We have so much more that still needs to be touched on, Hazar, Elif, the Korals, Onur’s father, etc… We won’t be able to unpack any of this now. FOX even had the audacity to cancel them while they were filming episode 9 (aka the final) and they didn’t even know it would be the final. As I’m sure revisions were allowed, I am genuinely upset at the way productions and channels treat their shows.

Ruhun Duymaz goes down as one of my favorite rom-coms to date. The fun twist on plot and stereotypes was very enjoyable to watch and I am so upset the international support wasn’t enough to pull through. I know Burcu already has been rumored to receive many offers. I am intrigued to see the next steps for her and Şükrü. I wish them all the best.

Next time I will see you with a series wrap-up. It has been amazing to write these reviews over a show I considered dear to my heart and enjoyed watching. Let’s hope we get an amazing finale!

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