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Ruhun Duymaz: Season 1, Episode 6 Recap


Another Monday, another episode of Ruhun Duymaz! Every week I say I love the episode, and this week is no different. The fall season is just around the corner, so I am curious to see how they will set up EcNur in the upcoming season!


The episode began with Hilal seeing Onur and Ece hug. Although they thought they played it off, a private investigator has now been hired to fish out any funny business. Warning signs are flashing and this is bad!

I really feel bad for Ece, I hope she finds out about Elif soon. I can tell how it’s eating Onur alive to not share, this will be upsetting later on!

Hilal is so BRATTY. Making Ece serve for them?? What type of low do you have to be? The way she is so backhanded to her makes me upset, and Ece doesn’t deserve any of it. I wouldn’t mind if Ece stole a few of her belongings.

Hilal is now also in her psycho era… I am not excited to see where future episodes take her. I was enjoying her character so I’m sad to see her now as a villain, but this is what I want. EcNur VS. Hilal, NOT Hilal pining for Onur the whole time and ruining Ece’s life. Dizis rarely make the couples go through obstacles together as a unit, it’s usually always something that breaks them up. Let Hilal be a villain they have to take down together as a couple, it will make her role more likable than the usual “I only want Onur and will ruin Ece’s life as much as I can” trope. It’s a big ask, but I hope it can be fulfilled.

I most definitely enjoyed the scene where Ece sets off the sprinklers due to jealousy, what a power move! At this point she doesn’t understand that what she is feeling is jealousy, she is so into Onur!

Ece asking Onur if he likes Hilal was a soft moment, they’re solidifying themselves into one another by sharing all these details of their personal relationships. Onur said he isn’t in love with her, and even though Ece doesn’t show it, she’s severely relieved. He still hurts her anyway in true dizi fashion and tells her to leave… What a man! (At least he told her he can’t control his emotions when he’s with her, how cute!). Hilal sees this whole interaction, however. Chaos is brewing. I honestly thought it was a great moment for a kiss, but the ending MADE IT WORTH THE WAIT (hint hint)!

The way Civan came to bring Ece a pink teddy bear is so funny. For being the real villain, he has a soft side that I enjoy watching. I’m familiar with his other role as Levent in Camdaki Kiz, so this is a big chance although he played a fairly comedic role in both. I suspected that the bear had something hidden in it, but they didn't touch on that just yet.

The cake scene was so simple yet so beautiful. They are both doing the same thing and thinking the same memories, in two different places. Seeing what they have gone through in such little time is heartwarming, and you can definitely tell these two are falling for each other fast! They can’t explain these emotions or put it into words.

Ece’s googly eyes towards Onur in the office were lowkey, no HIGHKEY, noticeable! Straight hair Ece is a beauty to see by the way! I love all the looks we’ve been getting.

I am really nervous about when the DNA test results come out and Ece finds out the truth. They have established a foundation with layers of secrets. Bay X, Hazar, Elif, so many things are starting to pile up. I love angst, but I’ll admit I’m a little scared to see how they will handle these plot points later on.

Melek is still Meleking, no thoughts except my usual takes. Melih has been such a joy to watch, his screen time is improving as well as his comedic timing, I really enjoy him! I also enjoy Ali just as much. Each character has a purpose and serves the story either for comedy or plot. The Koral family besides Civan & Elif have been at mid-tier for me. No good or bad thoughts, I just am never really into the rich family scenes when watching a dizi. Side characters got more screen time than I would've liked this episode compared to EcNur, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

Musti & Ece’s friendship is nice to watch. There is always one friend in every show that stays with the character through everything, and Ece’s is Musti. I don’t know if I touched on it before, but it’s nice that it is a guy as well. Not every guy and girl likes each other, they can just be friends! Even if attraction has come up before, he is a true friend to her and she needs more of those in her life. Ece even admitted to him that she is interested in Onur, I love that! 

The operation scene was SO BADASS! They all looked awesome in their get-ups, and I feel like they read my last recap where I said I wanted some more action scenes! Ece’s job was to be on the lookout, and she noticed something odd. SHE walked into the mission, what could possibly go wrong? She takes out one guy FLAWLESSLY, GO ECE! (This also supports my double agent theory… anyway). And then… and THEN… ECE KISSES ONUR! I’m so sorry for all the Caps Lock, but WHAT?? I didn’t expect that at all, and it was such an amazing end to an amazing episode. I don’t know how we managed to get so lucky for this to happen, but it was INSANE! The very small fragman showed her saying “Gitme.” She is so worried for him to go, they are literally crazy. That’s all I can say!

These past few weeks FOX has not been letting us enjoy Ruhun Duymaz to its full potential. With sudden little promo and rumors revolving around cancellation or day change, things are finally certain. Ruhun Duymaz is moving to Saturdays! I’m not sure what to make of this change yet as there will be shows competing… but we will find out the next time it airs on September 9th. Ratings are not in our favor, so I really hope international support pulls through. The rating system in itself can take up a recap, as it is severely outdated for those watching television now. Neyse, the episode was amazing, as per usual, and I am so honored to watch EcNur’s journey. Hope to see it for many more episodes to come!


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