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Ruhun Duymaz: Season 1, Episode 5 Recap


Because of only getting one fragman and having the özet pictures released the day of the episode, episode 5 was pretty much a surprise! This show gets better week by week, and I catch myself wondering when Monday is, I never used to do that before! Ayşe also said in one of her tweets that there was a scene in this episode that she would watch for many years to come… That’s how you know it was amazing!


I loved seeing Ece take care of Onur’s bullet wound. They truly are becoming such a close bond, which sends off warning signs that angst is about to knock on our door. He definitely wanted her to tend to him just for the sake of it, he didn’t even care about that bullet wound! He’s already such a love-struck guy and it happened fast. We have to support it, I mean, I would too after Ece!

LOVED, and I mean LOVED Ece’s training scenes! This episode basically revolved around EcNur’s undoubtable attraction mixed with Ece training to become an agent on the team. Through the pictures we got of ŞükBur behind the scenes, you can tell they had so much filming! At this point, it’s a surprise to see if the photos we get were ŞükBur behind-the-scenes or EcNur scenes. Either way, it is appreciated!

Hilal is SICK! I can’t believe what she admitted to Onur, it really knocked down her character for me. She basically told him she sees Ece as a charity case, how disgusting can you be? I felt so bad for Ece during this scene, especially because she heard every word said. She’s a broken young adult who never experienced the joy of family, and for Hilal to attack her like that directly must have hurt. Hilal also met with Hazar in this episode, it seems as if she is the truly evil one compared to Civan. It seems as if Onur is out for the wrong Koral sibling!

Through Onur’s huge mission to end the Korals’ shady business once and for all, it feels like there is something deeper to that than we are seeing. This is a BIG accusation, but could Civan/Koral family have something to do with the disappearance of his father? And maybe even a hand in Ece’s family? This is a big theory so I could be completely wrong, but I know Ayşe. This will have ties with EVERY single character involved, and frankly, I can’t wait to see this all unfold.

When I say Burcu acts through her eyes, I truly mean it. In every scene you can tell how she is feeling just through her eyes, it takes skill! Burcu is iconic in comedy, but she is no stranger to a good drama scene. I love her versatility, and that is why I have been following her shows for as many years as I have. Every single one of her characters is different, and you can’t see one of them in another. You can however see a peak of Burcu and her carefree attitude in each one. A queen!

I predicted that Ayla would fake the DNA test results and inform Onur that Elif is not Ece’s sister, however, I WAS SHOCKED when she said that they are indeed siblings! Everyone was so sure Ayla would be the one to lie and cause the pain, but this now changes everything. Onur is the one who lies to Ece about this now… Frankly, this excuses Ece’s future actions! Jokes aside, Onur will be hurt when he finds out she is Bay X, and she will be hurt when she finds out Elif is actually her sister. What a day that will be!

The scene where Onur teaches Ece how to fire a gun was HILARIOUS! Burcu always nails it on the mark with comedy scenes, and this is no other exception. I sound like I am repeating myself, but I have to give credit where credit is due!

As per usual, my favorite side characters of the week were Ali & Elif. I love how natural they are. Melek is getting on my last nerve, but Ece continues to tell her where she stands. Musti is a great companion to have alongside Ece so I admire him for that. Selvi and Murat are kind of just there, but at least I am not annoyed by their scenes.

I still can’t wait to dive into Ece & Onur’s past during their orphanage stay. We still have so much to discover about it and I am eager to find out if they knew one another in the past and haven’t realized it.

Onur’s jealousy is undoubtedly apparent. Every time Ece is near Civan and they have small talk or small moments, he is the first to grunt or say a few words he didn’t mean to say. They both do not know how to love someone properly, so this will be a learning curve both of them have to follow.

We can also see Ece get jealous of Hilal & Onur’s small moments, which is just as enjoyable. It’s a rom-com, jealousy is a must!

The scene between Onur & Ece, as he tells her, broke my heart. I don’t understand how he could keep something so big from her, this is sure to cause a lot of drama later. She feels like she has to start from zero all over again, it’s truly unfair. I can’t wait for the satisfaction of seeing Ece & Elif find out they truly are sisters. This will cause a lot of drama against Onur, I wonder how it will unfold.

And in true dizi fashion, Hilal witnessed Onur & Ece hugging! I am unsure if she saw Ece clearly but she definitely saw Onur, so this is a bomb that has just now exploded. I am really curious to see if Ece & Onur can even save this, as this is such a crucial moment that Hilal has seen. 

I feel so incredibly bad for Ece now as she believes Elif isn’t her sister, and I am aggravated that Onur didn’t share. While I don’t completely understand why he decided to keep it a secret, I can respect him for it as his main concern is trying not to disrupt the operation. As an audience, we can infer it will blow up in the upcoming episodes but Onur is trying his best to keep things put together and collected. They both are keeping secrets from one another that will soon bubble up to the surface.

And with that, episode 5 is a wrap! I am still enjoying this series more and more as the weeks go on, and it’s a shame that it isn't shown in the ratings. MasterChef has been dominating the ratings so there isn’t much to do about it. I will continue to hope that we get EcNur for as long as we can and I’ll continue to show my support for this amazing show, cast, and crew!

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