Ruhun Duymaz: Season 1, Episode 4 Recap


Although the fragmans didn’t contain the impact this episode left behind, episode 4 is one for the books! The quality of each episode increases weekly, and EcNur are slowly becoming one of my favorite rom-com couples yet.


The fact that the necklace managed to land on a tree branch is so comedic, Onur’s reactions to these moments always make me laugh. Ece is usually carefree and lets the flow take her wherever so they are definitely opposites in that fashion.

I love how the place Ece feels she is most comfortable is Onur’s house. As soon as she felt scared and unprotected, she went to Onur. Although confused, he welcomed her with open arms. Ece even made breakfast for him in the morning, which is probably the first home-cooked meal he has had in ages. 

The secret of Elif is now revealed to Onur and he instantly went to Ece’s aid.  It was such a nice and beautiful talk as they looked into each other’s eyes and placed their hands on one another. Onur promises to help her with this situation.

We see that Onur gives the test to Ayla who performs it and finds out that it is indeed positive and Elif is Ece’s sister. Something is telling me that Ayla is gonna hide this to push Ece away as much as possible. Ece & Onur are starting to get too close and I think Ayla sees this as a problem, so it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here. She praises her when needed but I think she sees her as a danger to the team as a whole.

I feel as if Hilal’s true colors are beginning to show. She dismissed Ece immediately after she blamed her for the food, and this episode painted her in a bratty way. Civan even was ready to sell their properties in a heartbeat, while Hilal seems like she was jumping at the chance to keep the illegal acts going. I’m sure her mother, Handan, has credit for this as she measures her worth based on her kilos… not a good way to look at your children. Honestly, someone get Elif out of the Koral household as soon as possible!

Poor Melih, they are never going to let him go on the field ever again. I enjoy watching him a lot and he always makes me laugh, even though he is severely unlucky when it comes to everything in his life.

Melek has officially begun to annoy me permanently. Her one character trait is to praise Onur and side with him. There is definitely an unreciprocated crush there, and she takes this anger out on Ece. Hopefully, she becomes more likable as the episodes progress. At least Ece always puts her back in her place.

As per usual, my favorite side characters have to be Elif & Ali. Elif because I love her carefree vibe and she reminds me so much of Ece. Ali because he is hilarious in every scene he is in and his line delivery is perfect. For being on a detective team he seems to stumble over his words repeatedly.

I loved the scene where Ece & Onur had to go into the building as a producer and an actress to get the necklace from the tree. Burcu looks AMAZING with short hair, truly an icon in anything she is put in.

I actually cried laughing when Ece fed Onur a grasshopper. Şükrü’s facial expressions as Onur are PRICELESS. The way he said it’s different and Ece full-on said what it was. His face changed instantly and Ece putting a napkin to his mouth was hilarious.

When Onur said he was so happy he could have kissed her right then and there because she got the necklace from the tree… ME TOO! Their dynamic together is so fun to watch, I love how they can be playful, sentimental, and frustrated at every changing second.

I also really enjoy how Onur isn’t a typical “doesn’t know love robot” lead. He has fun, makes jokes, but gets stern when he needs to. You can see his love eyes for Ece a mile away.

Ece looks gorgeous in every color, but red seems to catch Onur’s attention the most. He didn’t understand why she chose such a bright color for her dinner with Civan, obviously, someone is a little jealous!

The. End. Scene. WOW! Onur taking a bullet for Ece was definitely not something I expected to see so early on! I’m disappointed the fragman didn’t include this as I feel like the audience would have been swayed if they saw it, but I know they are behind on filming. There was nothing more entertaining to see than Onur risking the whole operation solely to save Ece, it was romantic. If I saw correctly, he was shot in his left arm and it doesn’t look critical. I hope we see hospital scenes of Ece attempting to take care of him and ask for his forgiveness as she will blame herself. With all the happiness and loveliness that is taking place, I can’t help but think something will happen. Angst era is coming, I’m sure of it.

One thing I want to see is even more action scenes. The whole team does them amazing so I would love a full-on Avengers sequence as they have to take out some bad guys. I don’t know what the situation would be, but I want to see that happen!

Yet again this week, the ratings took a dive. A big football game was on at the time, and I feel as if the fragmans didn’t do the episode justice. All I can hope now is FOX gives it a chance and takes into account international support. As per usual, another amazing episode! I feel like there is still so much to explore in their stories, it would be a disservice if anything happened now. Thank you to the cast and crew for working so hard day and night!


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