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Ruhun Duymaz: Season 1, Episode 3 Recap


I may sound like a broken record, but episode 3 of Ruhun Duymaz was AMAZING! Personally, I’d say it is the best episode we have watched thus far. There is a little bit of everything for everyone in this episode, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all 2 hours of it!


Immediately after the fragman, I was SO EXCITED to see they will be living together. Ece taking one of his shirts and making a whole outfit out of it was iconic, and his reaction was even better! Whether he realizes it or not, Onur’s attraction for Ece is VERY noticeable. I can also already notice that Ece is beginning to trust him more, which goes against all the pillars put in place about people in her life. All she knows is to defend herself, so to have someone help her must be something new she’s never experienced.

The highlight of this episode for me had to be Ece driving Onur’s car. He was in such distress and the fact she swerved when Hilal & Onur kissed was HILARIOUS! They literally already argue like a married couple and it is so entertaining to watch! I feel like this episode really fed into both Şükrü and Burcu’s comedic side. They work so well together and what they display on screen is a pleasure to watch. 

Side note: when I saw Ece walking dogs it just reminded me so much of Burcu, I am sure she enjoyed doing it as she has her own animals and loves them very much. Once again, Onur saw her and did his usual mini freak out about her being everywhere at any time. 

In the episode, Onur decides to follow Ece just to see if she’s up to anything suspicious. Ayla has been repeatedly telling him to keep his guard on her as she is still a thief and can’t be trusted by the team. To his surprise, Ece cooks for the orphanage nearby and offers food to all the children. Onur’s genuine smile is something we haven’t seen yet so seeing him so happy and giddy about Ece doing this as an act of kindness was nice. 

My favorite thing to watch has been the bond between Ece & Elif growing. We see the Koral family get into a rather big argument where Elif was constantly dismissed, and Ece had to watch that knowing what she knows. It makes me wonder why Handan adopted Elif just to treat her this way. I'm intrigued to see how this unfolds in the future.

My side character of the week has to be Ali. I’ve been warming up to him well and episode 3 really sold him! He’s hilarious and the way his lines are delivered are perfect for his type of character. To me, I feel like Onur’s team is playing more into jokes as Ece has come to break the ice. Onur was seen as the superior and now Ece is challenging that by bringing comedy into the mix, an icon! Also, can we just mention how she saved his contact name as deli, aka mad??? She is hilarious!).

There were multiple times in this episode where Ece & Onur almost got ‘caught’ with one another, like the dog walking scene and the heist scene. I feel like Ece is falling into Onur’s bubble with the trust they are creating. And as this trust is growing, I can’t help but think something is going to happen. Here is my prediction: Ece will overhear Onur discussing with his team that he can’t trust Ece cause she will always be a thief in his eyes. This will make Ece upset and get mad at the fact she thought she could trust someone for the first time. No doubt, this will create enjoyable angst to watch. I mean, dizi couples beginning to love one another never run linear! If you have a theory you think may happen, let me know down below!

Ece also negotiates an agreement with Onur that whenever he manages to arrest Civan all charges will be dropped on Ece’s name. I’m intrigued to see how this will play out in the future.

In the last scene, we see how Ece & Onur are attempting to escape so they don’t get caught stealing Hilal’s diamond necklace. Onur, without saying anything, quickly puts a safety harness on Ece as they look deeply into each other’s eyes. Episode 1 Ece would have NEVER even thought about jumping with Onur due to her trust issues. But I was delighted to see how she now trusts Onur enough to jump with him off a building. I mean, if he was looking at me the way he was looking at Ece, I probably would have too! Jokes aside, you can see the tension between them slowly fading from anger and teasing to just teasing. I consider that a win!

Also, the whole cast looked AMAZING at the auction! Burcu looks amazing in everything and Şükrü in a full black suit was exactly what I needed to see.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting them to actually get away with the diamond necklace. To be fair, they will start again with the heist at the beginning of the episode so we will see how the rest of the run goes. 

As per usual, the music served this episode! Whoever has been choosing it is choosing all the right songs with the right lyrics. Nova Norda produces amazing songs and I love seeing them used in dizis as I have a lot of them saved to my playlist. 

With the fragman we’ve seen so far, Ece goes back to Onur’s place yet again. Onur is starting to get suspicious about Ece’s actions with Elif and is doing things behind Ece’s back while also full-on asking her why she has a fascination with Elif. I’m sure Ece won’t give anything away, but we’ll see!

Although the low ratings have put a damper on my mood, I’m content with the fact that the story continues to keep improving. Noticing all the new dizis FOX is adding to the roster this fall, it will be interesting to see where their summer dizis lie after August ends. What I do know for sure is that Ece & Onur’s story is just starting and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here as they dive more into each other’s past!


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