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Ruhun Duymaz: Season 1, Episode 2 Recap


Where do I even begin??? Ruhun Duymaz is the gift that keeps on giving. We have emotional scenes, we have romantic scenes, we have comedy scenes, we have dramatic scenes, the list just keeps going on! Episode 2 served in all the right departments, perhaps even more than the first! Let’s dive into what made this episode just as spectacular as it was.


Ece attacking Onur at the beginning of the episode made me laugh SO MUCH. The way she broke a chair on him and asked if he will faint while he just shook his head was gold. Might I add, Şükrü’s facial expressions as Onur are priceless, he was made for a rom-com! 

Another honorable mention is when Ali took Ece’s phone and she stole it right back immediately. It really shows her skills and how iconic she is.

The hospital scene where Ece was just telling Civan he’s completely right about being concerned with Onur’s family was hilarious. It also showed how swift she is at her stealing. I also loved when she was playing around in the office, playing tic tac toe with herself. Writing “Burcu vs Ece” must have been improv by Burcu, I swear!

Ece crawling through the vents and succeeding was so badass… then it showed the whole team there clapping. I thought this was hilarious cause they knew something like this would happen and it was like a test mission in a way. We also find out her real name is Ece Mavi Yilmaz and that she grew up in an orphanage her whole life. She even attempted to escape a few times and has a record of stealing. I love how different she is compared to other female leads, she does some bad things but I can’t help but cheer her on!

For some reason I forgot to mention in my first review about Ece & Elif possibly being siblings. This episode “confirmed” it when we saw the scene between Ece & Musti. I’m sure we all had a feeling this would be the case but now it makes sense why she would go for the Koral family. It’s not just to steal the diamond, it’s so she can reunite with her birth sister (they also look so alike, thank you casting director!). I hope they are actually siblings and this doesn’t end in her realizing they actually aren’t related. There is also another theory that Ece is actually a double agent from London which is plausible, I’m curious to see where the writers go with this. They have room to twist this story in so many ways!

Burcu with blue contacts looks STUNNING! They are a little bright but she honestly suits everything, that whole sequence where she walks is so iconic. The music choice for each episode has been nothing but iconic. Music really does it for me in a dizi, and every scene has fun & exciting music that I just want to bop my head to.

My most favorite scene of the episode (beside the ending where he saved her) had to be the whole pool sequence. The way he specifically said the earpiece isn’t waterproof then she just jumps right in and continues to touch her ear. She was definitely a little drunk but you have to love her for it! Onur getting so angry was hilarious to watch and I am also enjoying Musti. It can’t be a summer dizi without a hot pool scene!

I also loved the scene before the ending where Ece & Onur talked without bickering. Ece talking about her orphanage years and how she was treated unfairly while Onur listened and encouraged her was enjoyable. A healthy conversation was nice to see as they were mainly teasing throughout the episode. I also love how Ece admitted that she wanted to steal the diamonds and that’s why she was at the marina that day. However, I don’t believe it fully. I think she is saying that as a cover-up and there’s more to it, ama I probably am thinking too deeply into it. Ece’s past is still pretty covered up so until we find out more I won’t make any hardcore assumptions.

I am enjoying all the side characters so far and my favorite has to be Elif & Ayla. Elif because I can’t wait to see her found sisterhood with Ece, and Ayla because she’s so badass and it’s iconic to see. I also really enjoy Ali cause he’s funny and, might I add, extremely hot! I’d say the characters I don’t have an opinion on are Selvi and Murat. Their scenes don’t do much for me, I think they are just there to be there.

From the way I see it, Ece has never had time for love. She was focused on finding her sister and reuniting with her. I believe Onur will be her first true love. In most rom-coms we see the male lead be one who “doesn’t know how to love” but in this case, Ece is the one who doesn’t focus on love or really know how to guide it. Musti is her ex-boyfriend but from their scenes, I don’t see that spark. They seem like best friends, and so far he has been nice to her which is good in my books. I think she'll realize what love truly is through Onur.

In the fragman for the next episode we see that Ece & Onur are now living together (she’s also wearing his clothes which I LOVE). The fact that Onur’s team, who is used to his stern remarks, is watching his childish tendencies with Ece is funny and probably jarring to them. Onur doesn’t crack in front of them so seeing this side must be strange. Seeing that he already has a weak spot for Ece is endearing. Also, his nickname for her being Maviş… I would fold personally.

Overall, the second episode was AMAZING! I really enjoyed how we are beginning to get to know the characters. The action scenes were really fun to watch and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. This show has shown a promising and strong start, I hope this momentum carries on for a while and it shows in the ratings. Oyuncu kadrosuna teşekkür ederim! I can’t wait for the next episode!

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