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Ruhun Duymaz: Episode 9 (Final) Recap


And here I am… writing the episode recap for the final episode of Ruhun Duymaz. It was such a short journey, but a journey filled with laughs, tears, and amazing EcNur angst. These fictional characters meant so much to me, so for the last time, here are my thoughts on episode 9 of Ruhun Duymaz!


For my first thought, I just wanted to say that I will miss listening to the theme song and silently jamming out as I hum it in my head. 🎵 Ruhun Duymazzzzz 🎵

Musti saves Ece & Onur! I find it hilarious how he says something along the lines of “Are you guys insane? Romance in a freezer?” Musti was such a great friend to Ece, I will miss him a lot.

The Koral Family hysteria will officially wrap up and I will miss seeing their shenanigans. I am very happy Selvi managed to become pregnant in the end! Even though the Koral family was the enemy, I really enjoyed watching them.

Ece plans to lure Hazar in but she doesn’t realize how this is going to affect her life later on…

I still love Civan, I don’t even care. He was truly the funniest villain I’ve watched in a rom-com, and I loved how they showed his soft side, especially around Ece.

Ece meets with Hazar while Onur’s team is enroute to them in hopes to finally catch Hazar once and for all. I always love a badass fight scene, so you know I was loving this! Seeing them all in protective gear while fighting is always a treat, and I’m so grateful we got as many action scenes as we did.

The scene on the bridge where Onur is attempting to save Ece was AWESOME! Not awesome as in she got shot of course, but awesome as in how Ece defended herself. I loved how we didn’t see a damsel in distress but instead Ece didn’t go down without a fight. She got shot because she attempted to save herself and looked badass while doing it! Hazar nails a shot in Ece’s back and Onur nails a shot in Hazar’s shoulder. Can you guess which one I feel bad for?

Saying it now, every single hospital scene for me was AMAZING. I’ll say my favorites are the kiss (of course) and when Onur lifted up Ece in front of literally everybody… a real man! Only Ece can look so beautiful after getting shot and being in the hospital. Their romance scenes will forever hold a special place in my heart, it’s deeply unfortunate we didn’t get enough time to see how everything else in their lives could have unfolded.

Them sleeping together in the hospital bed was honestly such a pure scene. I’m a geek for scenes where it’s straight up dialogue for 3-5 minutes with cute music in the background as they list cute things off of one another. What can I say? Romance!

In true dizi fashion, the crew interrupts them in the morning right after they kiss. Can’t be a dizi without it, right?

It is really nice to see how Ece & Musti became family with Onur’s crew, truly my favorite cast in a rom-com dizi.

We truly didn’t see enough domestic EcNur, they shined in it! I’m so sad we got them taken away from us so soon, but the scenes we got this episode filled the void as much as it possibly could.

And out of nowhere… ONUR’S DAD! Onur’s father appears in this episode and talks to Onur casually… right after paralyzing him temporarily on the couch. Father of the year, am I right? We don’t get much after this except for them supposedly catching him but him leaving Ayla an eerie phone call at the end saying they'll never be happy… interesting.

I loved seeing Ayla propose to Mufit! Leave it to Ayşe to include this… reminiscing EdSer is daily! But seriously, everyone in this show deserves a happy ending.

In the end, the dizi ends with EcNur inviting everyone for dinner. Very typical, right? Not quite… Ayla gets a call from Onur’s dad (like I previously mentioned) and he says that the game is just beginning… Onur also never told Ece who her sister really was. Such an open ending, is there something we don’t know? 

So in the end: Ece doesn’t know about Elif, Onur’s dad is still out running free, we don’t know what happened to Hilal in the end, and Onur never found out Ece was Bay X (this is only a fraction). What could this mean? Onur said in the end no one can truly ruin our happiness. As of now, there is no confirmation for any season 2 on a different platform. I find it odd however that they ended it with so many plots still being open and not resolved. Ayşe (and the other writers) usually do not seem like the type to end a show in this sort of cliffhanger. We still have so much that was never touched on, so I don’t know what that means for the future of Ruhun Duymaz.

What I do know is that this show made my summer amazing and I truly wish it lasted longer than it did. Writing reviews over each episode was an honor and I want to thank Dizilah for giving me this opportunity! Writing about my favorite TV shows is a literal dream.

A big thank you to the cast and crew who worked so hard under these unforeseen circumstances revolving around the production and the channel. I will forever remember Ruhun Duymaz, and I can’t wait to see where the cast goes from here. Thank you all for reading my reviews and leaving such heartfelt comments that truly made my day. Goodbye Ruhun Duymaz!

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