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Yabani (Wild Heart)

Yaman is sure that Serhan and Şebnem are the ones who killed Eşref and corners them. This information, which is heard by everyone at the memorial ceremony, falls like a bomb on the Soysalan agenda. Rüya is the most affected by this. Yaman's suspicion of her mother opens an irreversible path for both of them. 

For Neslihan, it is extremely devastating that the two people she has kept closest to her for years are taken to the Police Department as suspects in her father's murder. As she searches for a safe harbor, Güven's wife Özge appears in front of her, and the truth painfully hits her in the face. While Özge wants to get to know Yaman and understand what he is going through, she makes a quick entry into their lives. 

Rüya, shaken by her mother's arrest as a murder suspect, learns even more painful truths from her father Metin. Şebnem and Serhan try to pin all the blame on Metin. In order to protect what's left of her family, Rüya embarks on a struggle even against Yaman. As she moves forward, not knowing that the path she is on is a thin rope, Yaman is determined not to give up on her at any cost. 

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