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Yabani (S01E22)

Rüya sets fire to the house where she lived with her father Metin, along with all the memories. Yaman Ali risks his life to help her hold on to life. However, Rüya is now in conflict with both him and her mother, Şebnem; she tries to escape from everyone she thinks has caused this nightmare. Unexpectedly, someone reaches out to help Rüya in her escape. As Rüya drifts further away from him, the Wild side of Yaman Ali resurfaces.

Acquitted of the murder, Serhan is determined to regain custody of his children. However, the children are not ready to forgive him, especially Alaz. All the arrangements made by Eşref before his death have left Serhan penniless. Serhan, who is rapidly sinking to the bottom, finally resorts to desperate measures.

As Valentine's Day approaches, Alaz tries to assert himself in Asi's life. Asi will carve out a new path for herself by taking the stage at Tolga's venue. However, Alaz's heart is not willing to accept this. The events on Valentine's Day indicate that a decision is looming between Özge and Güven. Güven is faced with the question he fears the most: will he have to choose between the two women he loves, Özge and Neslihan?

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