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Yabani: Season 1, Episode 22 Recap


This episode begins with where we ended. Yaman saves Rüya from the flames and she refuses to talk to him. Her pain from losing her father is still too fresh. 

Serhan attempts to come to the house and is turned away. His children do not want anything to do with him, well Alaz at least.

Yaman takes Rüya to the hospital but when she sees Şebnem & Yaman, she goes into a spiral and screams for them to get out. Şebnem decides to blame Yaman for everything as usual.

Şebnem & Neslihan then have a moment where Şebnem makes Neslihan feel guilty for everything she has said to her. It is extremely hard to feel any empathy towards Şebnem at this point, so I don’t understand why the writers are pushing that so hard.

Özge takes Yaman to a cafe and they talk about the events unfolding in his life. Özge is determined to try to help Yaman. She even teaches him a breathing exercise in hopes of helping him whenever he is in a fit of rage he can’t control.

Ece overhears Alaz & Çağla discussing Serhan and is now suddenly against Yaman. Even though Yaman shows Serhan’s true colors to the family, they still insult him and blame him for everything bad that happens to them.

Yaman then goes to Serhan’s hotel room. In the fragman, they showed us punching him but we come to realize it is just an imagination. Yaman takes deep breaths and counts to 5, and instead of punching him, he simply talks to him. Again, it is apparent to everyone that Serhan is a bad person. 

Serhan then goes to his father’s house. Apparently, his father has been alive this whole time. We then are shown an extremely long scene of Serhan recounting his father. His father was an alcoholic who abused him, and it constantly shows Serhan saying he could never be like his own father. The writing here REALLY annoyed me. How could you want us to feel bad for Serhan after everything he has done to the Soysalan family? Do they think this is supposed to justify him being the way he is? In any way, this should have prevented Serhan from becoming the monster he is now. 

He then riles up a few guys to punch him in the face, this is to manipulate his children into taking him back into the mansion. 

Ece overhears them talking to Alaz and saying to come get Serhan. Ece decides to send the location to her phone and go get Serhan herself.

Everyone is sitting in the living room when Ece comes and screams at Yaman, claiming he ruined everything and he is the reason for the family’s problems. Now, Yaman is completely alone. Even Ece, who was the only sibling that truly liked him, is now against him. 

Yaman leaves and goes to his house with Cesur & Asi. At this point, he doesn’t even know where to call home. 

Yaman then sees Alaz & Asi outside arguing about her singing at the nightclub. Asi & Yaman talk and Asi tells him that he needs to stop meddling in her life, which is a big blow to Yaman as he now thinks he can’t fit in anywhere and he believes he is a burden.

Yaman then steps outside and sees Cesur talking to Yakut, the man he is working with to sell drugs in the neighborhood. At this point, Yaman starts having a panic attack. Thankfully, Güven was on his way at this point and he took him back home with him. 

Ece then comes and takes Serhan back home from where he was.

Now, Yaman & Özge have a therapy session where he lets everything in his mind out. This, in my opinion, is one out of two scenes that I feel even mattered in this episode. To sum it up, he believes he is a burden to everyone around him and he discusses how he feels like he was never allowed to be a kid in his life. Özge reassures him and says that maybe he is the one carrying the emotional baggage of others instead of the opposite way around. She then says that she wants him to live through his childhood again and that she will try to help him with that. It was a very emotional scene and it was nice to see Yaman’s mental state be described in words.

The next morning, Özge & Yaman head to the hospital to check on how Rüya is doing. 

Neslihan sees Ece grabbing hospital supplies and Ece dismisses them as things she needs for school. It’s actually for Serhan who is being held in the house for the patrol.

Özge talks to Rüya and tells her her father will be buried that day, it then shows Şebnem at Metin’s grave going on about how she actually wanted to be a family this time but it didn’t work.

Özge tells Yaman that Rüya still needs time and that he shouldn’t see her.

Özge & Neslihan then talk about how Neslihan doesn’t think she should be interfering in this family drama. Neslihan doesn’t understand why Yaman can talk to Özge but not herself.

We then cut to Cesur who just got the necklace back he gifted to Çağla in the last episode. This is because she found out he is involved in shady business. Cesur then tells Asi to invite her to the nightclub where she will be performing so he can apologize to her. 

Çağla then notices Ece helping Serhan in the room and goes to them.

Rüya is still having nightmares about what happened with Metin and decides to run away from the hospital so she can see her dad. She then runs into Deniz, who, spoiler alert, is Yaman’s half-brother. 

Şebnem then starts screaming that Rüya is missing and they decide to go to the video cameras to find out where she went.

At this point, Deniz has taken Rüya to her dad’s grave and has given off total creeper vibes. 

Yaman gets the license plate and heads to the company renting that car. He asks for the information and, in Yabani fashion, cusses out Deniz. Rüya continues to say she doesn’t want to see him and even calls him her ex-boyfriend.

Çağla then calls Alaz and tells him that their father is very sick. He goes to them and, at first, refuses to help. But then he sees Ece’s state and decides to help.

Deniz constantly belittles Yaman on the phone and while talking to Rüya, he finds out where they are headed and goes straight there. 

We then see a hideous scene of Serhan manipulating his children to feel bad for him as usual. Alaz claims that he will never see Serhan as his father again as Çağla comforts Ece.

Neslihan then comes home and sees Ece crying, so she finds out Serhan is being kept at the house. 

Deniz & Rüya are by the water, and Deniz informs Rüya that he is Yaman’s half-brother. Yaman sees them and instantly goes to fight Deniz and beats him up. Which makes sense, he literally thinks a random man kidnapped Rüya. Deniz then tells Yaman nice to meet you, I am your brother. Mind you, this is all taking place on Valentine’s Day. What a sad day.

After this, we see Serhan give Neslihan divorce papers as a gift. He wants half of everything she owns, and she signs it without even thinking twice. Personally, I think this is a dumb move, ama neyse. I’ll get into that at the end.

We then see Güven & Özge get into an argument so Güven leaves the house and leaves her alone for Valentine’s Day.

At the club, we see Cesur begging Çağla for forgiveness. She accepts it immediately and they go back to normal as if nothing happened.

Alaz & Asi perform their duet together, at the end, Asi says happy Valentine’s Day to those who deserve it. This makes Alaz mad and he takes the hand of a girl who was eyeing him since he walked in, and they walk away together.

Next, we have the second scene of this episode that I feel was important/mattered. Güven & Neslihan end up meeting at the restaurant they always seem to go to. We hear a beautiful monologue from Güven about how he is scared to leave Neslihan again and how much he loves her. Neslihan doesn’t say anything and simply listens with heart eyes. Such a beautiful scene!

As we guessed, Deniz is another psycho brother added to the roster for Yaman. We will see how this unfolds in the next episodes.

And to end this episode, Yaman decides to put in his earbuds and collect trash like he did in the very first episode. 

Honestly, this episode was almost 3 hours of meh. The writers seem to be rewriting the characters constantly and are unable to have a grasp on the storylines they are trying to create.

In the fragmans, we see that Özge claims she is pregnant, and Yaman ends up inheriting everything from Eşref’s will, while Güven inherits the hospital. 

And with that, I will see you soon with an episode 23 recap arkadaşlar!

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