Yabani: Season 1, Episode 21 Recap


While the episode introduced a new character and centered around Rüya and her family, the surprising duos and dream-like sequences took the spotlight. 

For the last few episodes, it has started showing us the last scene in order to keep us on edge. This episode followed the same format by showing us Neslihan and Özge (the new character who is Güven’s wife) trying to save someone. They don’t show who and then it cuts to words saying “24 hours before” that incident, what a bang to start the episode! Most of us knew it either way, but of course, Yabani put its spin on it.

The beginning scene starts right with Güven & Neslihan like how it ended. I was questioning what dynamic this will play in the episode and I was pleasantly surprised later. I have enjoyed Güven & Neslihan’s relationship and I was worried about Özge coming. We will see how this plays out in the next few episodes.

Rüya is rightfully confused and feels hurt by Yaman. Personally, I’d say this episode was focused mainly on Rüya and her family which is enjoyable as Rüya can sometimes feel like she’s in the backlight. Şebnem and Serhan are being questioned by the police and decide to pin the blame on Metin which they planned beforehand. Classic villain move.

Honestly, at this point, the police officer is best friends with Yaman due to how much they are at the police station. 

Metin admitted to Rüya that the man Şebnem cheated on him with Serhan! At this point, Rüya is severely confused and feels like her whole life is a lie. Her father, a lie, her mother, a lie. It honestly is shocking how well-rounded she turned out compared to her parents. That girl knows pain. We also see that Metin walked in on Şebnem killing Eşref, which we assumed by now. Metin admits to Rüya that he took the body for Şebnem and it is now Rüya’s job to flee Metin as he doesn’t want to go to prison again. Rüya asks Cesur & Asi for help.

Özge finds a box filled with Güven & Neslihan memorabilia and realizes this house in Istanbul was theirs. Really hoping she doesn’t turn psycho, but anything is possible at this point.

While Güven & Neslihan are talking, Güven says something along the lines of “Özge is used to this, she isn’t someone who would worry about these things.” I personally disliked this dialogue as we don’t have a clear indication of their marriage. Is it fake? Is it one-sided? It’s slightly uncomfortable to watch Güven & Neslihan have such passionate scenes in this situation. Güven is such a beloved character and I believe clarification is needed in order to maintain his character’s morals.

Metin is at Cesur and Asi’s house now (which seems to become everyone’s aid location) and Yaman is not fully convinced about any of it. I believe it was written just to cause conflict, as Yaman wouldn’t typically act like this… ama neyse.

Asi explains to Yaman that it’s hard for Rüya to go through this as he is her dad, which is clear but she reminded him.

Rüya really believes in her father, and it’s hard to watch her go through this. All this girl has known is pain and suffering, and she has basically been lied to her entire life about everything. Rüya then lies next to Yaman and they hug one another for comfort, even with the tension present.

Metin begins to hallucinate Şebnem in front of him. We all had a feeling this had to do with something psychological in Metin. It’s something he can’t control, I don’t believe he means to be a bad person (at least up until this point, this changes later in this very episode). Yaman witnesses this and is even more on edge about Rüya staying with Metin. 

At this point, Rüya decides to run away with Metin before Yaman wakes up because she's sure Yaman will turn him in to the police. Yaman wakes up and stops them. The angst is angsting, Rüya just wants her father and claims Yaman was a big mistake in her life. Yaman decides to call the police officer, then BAM. Rüya hits Yaman in the back with a big stick. What….. Neyse, the deed is done and Rüya and Metin run for it.

Suddenly, Özge shows up and Yaman and her become a dynamic duo. Random, but enjoyed it! Özge’s character was a breath of fresh air in this episode, there was a lot of chaos but her scenes provided some humor. I hope she stays this way, as I enjoyed her addition thus far. She even asks “Are you Yaman? Are you Ali?” with a proper welcome into the Yabani universe. 

Rüya then ditches the car and gets a taxi to ensure Yaman can’t reach them. Now… Metin is imagining that Rüya is Şebnem… this episode keeps getting crazier. 

And here is one thing that really surprised me… Rüya enlists help from Alaz. After everything he did to her, it is surprising he is the person she’d call in a time of crisis like this. 

At this point, Neslihan stays giving Özge an iconic side eye. It’s kind of funny.

Alaz takes Metin and Rüya to their summer home. 

Using the drug money, Cesur gets a haircut and buys him and Asi some new clothes. This is sure to bite him back later, but we will wait to see who is at the wrath of it.

Asi decides to accept the offer to sing at Tolga’s bar. Alaz shows up and ooo… jealousy! Asi overhears Alaz in need of money and is now curious about why he needs it and follows him wherever he is going. Asi calls Yaman and he… takes Özge’s car?? It was kind of funny, to be honest. Now the iconic duo is Özge & Neslihan as they want to follow where he is going. This episode was surprising in that way.

Cesur and Çağla have a moment at the bar and he gives her a necklace. Tolga gives her a warning regarding Cesur.

Alaz & Asi both show up at the house at the same time. They have an angsty flirt session then it cuts back to Metin still imagining Rüya as Şebnem. 

We then find the autopsy report states that Eşref died due to head trauma, what?? Yaman then finally makes it to the house and they all run inside. Metin then holds Rüya at knifepoint because he is imagining her as Şebnem. It then cuts to Metin taking Eşref’s body away. HE WAS ALIVE! Metin, instead of rightfully calling the police and redeeming himself, decides to end him off fully and whacks him in the head with a gun until he dies. A plot twist no one expected. After convincing, Metin drops the knife and breaks down. His whole life has been pain and suffering. As the audience, we felt bad for him until we saw this scene. I wonder if it’s for us to not feel as sad for the end scene.

Şebnem & Serhan are finally released from prison due to there being no evidence against them. Serhan has a smug smile on his face that makes it so punchable, ama he is free. Metin is then brought in and quickly grabs a gun from a police officer’s belt. He points it at Şebnem. And at the last second, he tells Yaman that his daughter is entrusted to him. He then shoots himself right in the heart. Vay, we saw it coming but it was still a heartbreaking scene to watch. Hats off to Simay Barlas. Metin has officially passed away.

Everyone is in dismay, and Rüya is nowhere to be seen. She goes back to her house and looks like life was sucked out of her. She takes the box filled with her father’s things, goes to the basement, and sets it on fire.

We also see Güven go to the police station and hug Özge in front of Neslihan, a stab in the heart for her I’m sure.

The episode ends with Yaman at Rüya’s house screaming for her. She is lying down next to the box on fire as it increases in strength all around her. Vay.

And wow, episode 21! Honestly, this episode felt like a fever dream. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. I think the second half really picked up and I loved the ending. HATS OFF TO SIMAY BARLAS! Everyone’s acting was top-notch in this episode, but Simay really came and conquered. I really loved the Rüya centered episode, it seems each episode kind of has the vibe of being targeted to a specific character. Some characters felt out of touch in this episode, but it had the suspense and tension we’ve grown to love. 

The fragman shows Rüya officially step away from Şebnem, an Alaz & Asi duet, Serhan attempting to come back (is he insane??), Güven & Özge & Neslihan tension, and Yaman socking Serhan right in the face with the door closing behind him. It will be the day before Valentine’s Day when this episode airs but it seems love will not be in the air, happily at least. And with that, I will see you soon with an episode 22 recap arkadaşlar!

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