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Yabani (Wild Heart)

Yaman Ali is sure that Serhan is responsible for his grandfather's death. What he learns from the driver reveals that Serhan's accomplice is Şebnem. But will Yaman Ali be able to risk that Rüya, with whom he started this journey, will suspect his mother and drag their relationship into a dead end?

After Yaman Ali, together with his neighborhood friends, takes his mother from the Soysalan household, another veil of mystery is lifted. Neslihan learns that Serhan is the real culprit for every mistake she blamed herself for throughout her marriage. All her children, including Alaz and Çağla, take Neslihan under their wing, but Serhan is now left alone and has to pay for his sins. Neslihan seeks refuge with Güven in this difficult time. But as the former lovers open the notebooks of the past, a name they come across will slap them in the face with the realities of life.

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