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Yabani (S01E19)


As EลŸref's murder hits the Soysalan house like a bolt of lightning, Yaman Ali is sure that it was Serhan who did it. But the blame is placed on his father, Güven, instead of Serhan. Yaman ruthlessly pursues the truth to save his father. 

Serhan returns to the Soysalan household, taking advantage of Neslihan's emptiness of father pain, which has driven him away from home, his children and himself. The only way he can stay in that house is through a formula he has used in the past. Realizing this, Yaman's reaction will be unpredictable for Serhan.

While Alaz continues to support his father, ÇaฤŸla takes a dark path. Cesur and Asi encounter ÇaฤŸla's broken state and put themselves in danger to help her. But the wall they come up against is Alaz. The fact that Asi and Alaz are on different sides in this incident makes things even more tense between them.

Yaman sets out on this journey with his compass Rüya and reaches key secrets. But the severity of the truth is such that it can shake everyone's lives to the core.

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