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Yabani (Wild Heart)

Yaman's orchestrated game renders all of Serhan's victim scenarios meaningless. Now, Serhan must calculate his aggressive final moves to keep Neslihan in his grasp. For Şebnem and Metin, who learn that Alaz attempted to kill Yaman and Rüya, while Serhan tries to cover up this truth to protect his son, the balance shifts. Şebnem begins to question all the decisions she has made until now. Rüya now sees that her parents are genuinely connected. In front of Neslihan, there are two paths. Either succumb to the blackmail presented by Serhan as the final card, or escape from the corner she's pushed into with Yaman's help, take control, and fight not to lose her children to Serhan. Alaz feels the most regret towards Asi for what has happened. Their love, fueled by hatred, grows even more, unnoticed by them. As Alaz, stabbed by Asi, struggles for life in Güven's hands, Serhan's anger, cornered from all sides, focuses solely on Yaman and his father. His resentment fuels the enmity between Alaz and Yaman. One of them is now on the verge of losing everything. But who? Who deserves it? Who is innocent? Who will be the loser in this blind fight?

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