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Yabani (Wild Heart)

Alaz, unable to digest what happened, fueled by the effects of the drug he took, directs his anger at Yaman and Rüya. This anger leads to a car accident. Still not in control of himself after the accident, Alaz leaves Yaman and Rüya there and finds himself with Asi. After spending the night with Alaz, Asi feels both guilt and regret, while Alaz is determined to punish her.

The first day of the year starts with worry for the Soysalans because there is no news from their sons, Yaman and Alaz. On the other hand, Metin and Şebnem notice Rüya's absence. When Neslihan and Güven reach Yaman, they learn about the accident. Yaman, guided by Neslihan and Güven, saves Rüya's life, unaware of the impact of the accident on himself. When Yaman, Neslihan, and Güven arrive, he collapses to the ground with a concussion. Serhan, when he reaches Alaz, finds him crushed under the burden of guilt. Serhan is determined not to sacrifice his son Alaz for the sake of the unaccepted Yaman Ali.

The information that Alaz is the one who caused the accident involving Yaman Ali and Rüya is known only to Alaz, Serhan, and the person neither of them suspected—Yaman Ali. Until Yaman Ali wakes up, Serhan eliminates all suspicions about Alaz. What Serhan doesn't know is that Yaman Ali is aware of this information. After waking up, learning that Serhan is involved, Yaman makes a plan to corner Serhan and Alaz from all sides. The real dilemma eating away at Cesur, who supports him in this plan, is that he knows about the night Asi and Alaz spent together, in addition to selling the drug to Alaz with his own hands. Cesur, driven by the Alaz anger inside him, joins this plan. While the plan is set up to reveal Serhan's true face to the Soysalans, who will support Yaman Ali? How effective can this plan be?

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