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Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni (S01E20)


Naz's announcement that she wants a divorce causes a cold wind to blow, while İncila throws the document she signed for the house into the fire. Naz, whose anger does not subside, continues to insist on divorce, telling Mete that they have never been a good couple. Everyone is surprised when Gülten, who has been struggling with big problems for years, starts to shake off the dead soil.

Suspecting that something is going on between Mete and İncila, Kadir confides this to Mete but he hears something that surprises him. Incila feels bad when Naz asks for help in getting a divorce and refrains from giving him the help he asks for. Filiz, who does not agree with her daughter's separation from Mete, tries every means to convince her to reverse her decision, but she is not prepared for the shocking truth she learns about İzzet. Despite all the insistence of their families, Mete and Naz take a big step towards divorce, and now a difficult decision awaits İncila and Mete as the biggest obstacle between them is removed.