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Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni (S01E21)


Mete and İncila decide to fight for the good days ahead, even at the cost of turning those around them against them. Count Ziya, who learns what Tansu has been through, is furious with his daughter and punishes her in his own way. When Filiz learns that İzzet cheated on her with Tansu, she decides to get a divorce immediately while trying to hide the betrayal from her daughter. Despite all the pain, Mete comes face to face with his father to see him off.

Naz, who is on her way to Sapanca, crosses paths with Kadir once again when she experiences an unexpected misfortune. Mete and İncila, who are excited and dreaming of the good days to come, want to spend a quiet day together, but something unplanned happens. Naz, who finds the attention and support she needs in Kadir, realizes that her feelings for him have changed direction, while Mete and İncila, who are uncomfortable with this closeness, react to the situation. Naz voices a truth that no one is ready to hear.