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Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni (S01E19)


Naz, who has lost her baby, is in great pain, and the whole household is devastated by this development. Filiz claims that Naz does not take care of herself and blames her daughter and Mete for the loss of her grandchild. İncila, on the other hand, tries to stand by Naz. Naz blames Mete for leaving her alone and not being supportive enough in her difficult times, and the support she needs comes from Kadir. Although Ziya doesn't like it, Mete and Cemil come together as father and son for the first time. A surprise is prepared to cheer Naz up, but when Naz learns that Atıf has given the mansion to İncila, she throws a big tantrum because she feels ignored. Even though Mete tries to calm her down, Naz's words come as a shock to everyone.