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Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni (S01E18)


While everyone is shocked when Mete is shot while trying to protect İncila, Naz blames İncila for the incident and directs her anger towards her. As the anxious waiting continues in the hospital corridors, everyone is surprised to see Gülten and Cemil there. Kadir confronts Naz with some of the truths about himself that he has persistently avoided seeing. Naz, who is uncomfortable with Cemil and İncila's acquaintance, starts to suspect that something might be going on between Mete and İncila and starts to search for evidence. Having a big argument with Filiz, Atıf shocks everyone with the gesture he decides to make to İncila. Kadir witnesses a moment that throws him for a loop and chooses to share what he saw with Naz. But very critical moments begin for Naz and her baby.