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Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni (S01E17)


While İncila's request stuns everyone, Naz, afraid of losing her power in the house, refuses to accept this request, and a big conflict erupts between them. While Mete tries to calm them down, İncila accuses him of not understanding and ignoring her suffering. İncila, whose main goal is to claim her own life, cannot suppress her anger at those who hide this great truth from her. Atıf, who thinks that İncila has been very upset for years, makes his granddaughter feel his support. Mete and İncila are saddened to realize that their love has become even more impossible with the latest developments. Osman, who learns that İncila is not his granddaughter, takes action to punish those he deems guilty, while Mete and İncila are left alone in great danger.