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Ömer (S01E09)


Ömer and Gamze meet for the last time and decide to go their separate ways, no matter how much they suffer. Unbeknownst to everything, Süreyya, who is ready to make every sacrifice to make a happy marriage with Ömer, is hurt because she feels thrown into the second plan in her fiancé's life.

Although Nisa tries not to reveal her financial difficulties to her father and siblings, Reşat has already realized that something is not right. Gamze lends a helping hand to Nisa, who is seeking a solution.

Ömer, who is willing to rip Gamze out of his heart, gets the support of Reşat as he takes firm steps forward with Süreyya. When the paths of Ömer and Gamze, who decided to go their separate ways, unexpectedly cross again, what happened this time will make the lives of even the most innocent people unbearable.

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