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Ömer Ademoğlu is a young man living in one of Istanbul's oldest neighbourhoods, with his father Reşat and grandmother Nezahat. He works as the mouezzin in the mosque where his father is the imam. Ömer has a sister Nisa and a brother Tahir. The eldest sibling Nisa isn’t in touch with their father anymore, because she married a man that Reşat didn’t approve of. Tahir follows the family's conservative traditions more closely, and works in a religious publishing house.

When Gamze returns to her family home with her son, she has to resume her banking job to provide them a good life. She enrolls her son in the district’s elementary school, and after meeting Ömer, who works there as a part time teacher, they fall in love. But Gamze is a middle aged, single mother and Ömer is a much younger man, and there is no way they can go on with this relationship in their conservative environment. After Reşat finds out that his son is in love with an older, divorced woman, he immediately takes action to marry him to a more 'appropriate' girl.

Over time, we will witness the struggles Ömer and Gamze will face, their fight against the strict rules, and the conflicts that all the Ademoğlu family members will go through.

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