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Ömer (S01E10)


While trying to prevent Tahir's anger, who sees Nisa in the restaurant, Ömer blames Gamze for bringing the events to this point. The impossibility between Gamze and Ömer, who cannot tell the truth about Nisa, will grow.

Unable to tell her family that Hakan has left and that she has to work, Nisa experiences the pain of losing trust in their eyes. Tahir, who wants Nisa to stay away from Gamze, finds the solution by forcing Nisa to move.

Realizing that he has been unfair to Süreyya, Ömer wins her heart and they go to look for a wedding dress together. While Sureyya is enjoying the excitement of marriage, she is shaken by sudden news from Tuna. The fact that Ömer once again chooses Gamze over her causes Süreyya to take a more serious decision. For Ömer, who sees a determined Süreyya in front of him, it is inevitable to make a choice.