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Ömer (S01E11)


Süreyya's request for Ömer to stay away from Gamze creates great tension between the betrothed. While Süreyya is afraid of losing Ömer, her mother's iftar invitation gives rise to hope. But there is another guest in this invitation that she did not expect. When Süreyya, Gamze, and Ömer come together, this time confrontation becomes inevitable.

Despite Tahir's threats, Nisa secretly starts working at the restaurant. Emine, who cooperates with Yaman to find her father, is getting closer and closer to her goal. Meanwhile, Gamze and Erdal's plan to protect Nisa from Tahir backfires and causes the discussion between Ömer and Gamze to flare up again.

Gamze, who is on the way to marry Erdal, is keeping her hopes for Ömer alive, thanks to Tuna's disapproval of this marriage. Seeing that Tuna is upset because of his mother's relationship, Ömer makes a difficult decision. This time, a great disappointment awaits Gamze, who is hopeful about Ömer.