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Ömer (S01E08)


Believing that Gamze cannot be happy with Erdal, Ömer tries to keep her away from this mistake and takes steps that will jeopardize her relationship with Süreyya. Confused by Ömer's appearance, Gamze tells her mother that she will not marry Erdal, but she finds a Fatma she never expected. Fatma's furious slap on Gamze creates a bombshell effect on everyone's life.

Suspecting that something is wrong in Nisa's house, Reşat realizes the financial difficulties that his daughter is experiencing. Meanwhile, what Yaman at school tells Emine about her father causes tension between Emine and Nisa. Although Emine seems to believe her mother, Yaman's words arouse suspicion.

The seeds of doubt, planted by Figen, begin to sprout in Süreyya's heart, who feels that her love for Ömer is not sufficiently reciprocated. Sureyya, who takes a determined step to find the answers to the questions in her mind, will leave Ömer in a difficult dilemma.