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Ömer (S01E07)


Reşat, who thinks that Ömer's love for Gamze has reached a dangerous level, takes his breath with Fatma by acting before Tahir. Although he silences Tahir with this move and makes everyone take a deep breath, when the doctor Erdal, whom he knows from the neighborhood, says that he is a suitor for Gamze, it gives Ömer and Gamze an unexpected shock.

Nisa, who has been relieved financially after finding a job, is restless this time because her daughter Emine will take care of her children. Looking for a solution to this situation, Nisa is in danger of learning that her family is working as a result of an unfortunate accident at work.

Gamze's family welcomes Reşat to find a suitor for Gamze. While he is extremely overwhelmed by the pressures on Gamze, Ömer, who reacts to his father because of the Erdal issue, tries to prevent Gamze and Erdal from getting closer. Meanwhile, Süreyya, who cannot understand Ömer's uneasiness, decides to give him a sweet surprise. This surprise will ignite unexpected events.